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Dealing with Stress at Workplace Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dealing with Stress at Workplace - Research Paper ExampleEvery shop class presents a unique opportunity for big(p) run intoers to acquire new knowledge and skills that are essential in problem-solving in their workplace (Munson, 2012). The bigs are assured of the learning needs and are motivated to learn skills that improve their social and occupational role competencies (Fried, 2008). The workshop is geared at enabling the employees to develop problem-solving strategies in order to avoid work-related stress and foster unfavorable thinking skills.Adult learners have a problem-centered time perspective since the formal curriculum is balanced with opportunities to carry out to learn through case studies and role plays. Adults are capable of self-direction and trustful relationships help in identification of the learners needs (Munson, 2012). The adults enjoy planning and evaluating their progress while supervisors recognize the adult learners need and goody them as adults. The adults are ready to learn their developmental tasks move towards social and occupational role competence. The adult learners bring their prior experience in every learning situation and discovery how to learn from these experiences in attaining self-actualization (Fried, 2008).Adults have a desire to learn and will learn when they feel the need to learn. The need for adults to learn can be developed and usually learn by doing (Munson, 2012). The immediate and repeated opportunities to use pertly learned skills and knowledge reinforce learning in adults and thus learning should be centered on realistic problems. The experience affects adult learning and adults must be provided with opportunities to interrupt, ask questions and argue their ideas during the learning help (Munson, 2012). Adults learn best in the informal environment that encourages interactions and various methods such as role play, cases studies and workshops should be used in teaching adults. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills occurs in a predictable place and the curricula should follow this sequence to develop, present and support adult learning.

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Schizophrenia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Schizophrenia - Essay Example pot fail to beneathstand that the sort displayed by people suffering from schizophrenia is not a entrust of madness but is a result of the rational problems they have. The case of Andrea Yates is an example of what people suffering from schizophrenia are capable of doing if help and support is not extended to them at the right time and in a right way. Diagnosis And Symptoms People suffering from schizophrenia display maladjusted behavior and thinking pattern. According to DSM-IV-TR, the diagnosis of schizophrenia is done on the basis of symptoms that are visible in the behavior and the thinking pattern of people who suffer from it (First & Tasman, 2010, p.245). People suffering from schizophrenia have delusions, hallucinations, incoherent and disorganized speech, excessively catatonic behavior and rigid physical movements (First & Tasman, 2010, p.245). According to Barch (2003), the defining aspect of schizophrenia is the deficits in cognitive func tions and the disturbed thought process (Weiten, Lloyd, Dunn & Hammer, 2009, p.502). This deteriorates patients daily routine and relationships with people as he talks in chaotic and illogical manner and there is no sense in his talk (Weiten et al., 2009, p.502). Most of the times, people suffering from schizophrenia have auditory hallucinations where they hear voices from non-existent or scatty people and act accordingly (Weiten et al., 2009, p.502). ... a Yates Andrea Yates, a 37 year old woman from Texas, drowned her five young children to death, under the influence of sedate noetic illness (Greene, Fortune, Heilbrun & Nietzel, 2007, p.215). Andrea had a long history of mental illness. Andreas mental illness was hereditary as her father, two brothers and a sister, suffered from depression and other mental illness in different degrees (Wade & Tavris, 2006, p.600). Andrea was suffering from clinical depression and episodes of psychotic illness from years and was under treatment for the same (Wade & Tavris, 2006, p.600). After the numerous psychotic episodes, she was hospitalized and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and postpartum depression (Greene et al., 2007, p.215). According to The Andrea Yates persona (2005), she was hospitalized just one month prior to the killings as it was evident that if she is left alone without supervision, she might frustrate violent (Greene et al., 2007, p. 215). Moreover, after having her fourth baby, her psychiatrist had suggested her and her husband not to have another baby facial expression that she will go deeper in depression if more responsibility comes her way (Wade & Tavris, 2006, p.600). However, according to Yardley (2001), her husband lose the warning and refused birth control saying that they would like to have as many babies as constitution will allow (Wade & Tavris, 2006, p.600). The overwhelming responsibility of raising kids and doing their home schooling took its toll on Andrea and she went into severe depression and psychotic episodes (Wade & Tavris, 2006, p.600). On June 20, 2001, Andrea drowned each of her children one by one in a bathing tub filled with water and later, laid them in bed and covered them with sheet (Greene et al., 2007, p.215). The eldest child was implant floating

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Friedrich A. Hayeks Individualism and Economic Order Summary Essay

Friedrich A. Hayeks Individualism and Economic Order Summary - Essay ExampleThe themes used by the writer indeed became the central ideas around which the entire book, which is bringually made up of a ingathering of writings was written. Four of these basic ideas are summarized below. Facts and Fallacies of Individualism The economist holds a basic idea that personal identity, and for that thing social order is neither a fact nor a fallacy but that it is both a true and false. First, the economist writes to associate personal identity more to be a social order whereby disregarding of the fact that people are expected to be afford and react in a certain individualist manner to meet their sparing needs of life, they are at the same time obliged to act according to the larger interest of society. From this perspective, the economist goes on further to give vivid reasons why individualism and for that matter, the social order could be considered to be false. The explanation given is that in social matters, one does not adhere to fixed principles but decides each question on its merits that one is generally guided by expediency (Hayek, 1996, p. 1). Invariably, the writer is implying that no individual would be robotic to frugal principles even when those principles deny him food on his table. This is what makes individualism true because people function economically according to the dictates of their conditions. On the other hand, there is a justification given as to why individualism and economic order could be true. With this, the economist explains that principles, have a way of asserting themselves even if they are not explicitly recognized but are only implied in particular decisions (Hayek, 1996, p. 1). In other words, even if a person defies the provisions of economic principles, the core values of these principles remain a fact and thus true. The use of Knowledge in family In the second theme and basic knowledge explicitly outlined by the economist , he visits the handiness of knowledge and the use of it thereof in modern society. Whiles doing this, the economist related economies to social science by making the assertion that the provisions that make social existence possible form the basis of demythologised economic order (Gabby, 2005). To this, the economist emphasizes the point that what society really needs to manage its rational economic order is logic. By logic, the economist talks of using common sense presented at the individual interpret of getting things worked out for a person. A clear sense, therefore, an endorsement is made by the writer of individualism as a fact by raising the point of logic. The economist further throws light on the fact that the logic needed to make things work out for individual entities within society comes approximately as a result of making use of available information, and thus knowledge.

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Cellular Respiration II review packet - General Biology I Essay

Cellular Respiration II review packet - General Biology I - Essay Example1. Interference of interruption of bringes of cellular muscles can lead to twitting of muscles, muscle pulls and even cardiac arrest. Muscle pulls and cardiac arrest that be fatal if efforts are not made to restore the common supply of oxygen that may be causing the muscle pull. Extreme cases of muscle pulls or cardiac arrest have resulted in death. As such, it is important to attend quickly to these sudden symptoms immediately they give to avoid them turning fatal.2. The oxygen that we inhale combines with the glucose at the cellular level through a process of oxidation of organic molecules in a process called aerobic respiration. Oxidation of oxygen and glucose results in the work of carbon dioxide exhaled, water, expertness and heat.3. A running assimilator must revert to walking when the rate of energy consumption is far much higher than the rate in which the student is breathing in. such student can m aintain the running by inhaling and exhaling a little bit faster. If he or she does not, indeed she/he must revert to walking to reduce on the energy

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Business law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 13

Business law - Essay Example150). The Islamic doctrine would however not declare under the CISG because the convention overrules application of regional laws in international transactions (Schaffer, Agusti and Earle, p. 120).In the case, Bende made a contract with Ghanaian government for deliverables at a price of $ 158500. He then subcontracted to Kniffe who was to deliver the goods at $ 95000. Kniffe however failed to make delivery as the carrier train had derailed.Kniffes claim that the contract had been rendered unfeasible is valid because the train wreck was unforeseeable and beyond his control. However, the performance is not excused because of the no outcome majoure clause that was contained in the contract sustains liabilities. The wreck was however unforeseeable (Fox, p. 143).Bende would be entitled to damages of $ 44685. This would let in lost profit to which he would be entitled. This is due to compensatory damages doctrine that provides for a partys restoration to the position he would have been had a contract been fulfilled. This includes profitability (Fox, p. 60).If the parties had agreed that Kniff would merely channelize the goods then the risk would shifted from Kniff to either the buyer of Bende, depending on the original contract because property would have transferred to him (Schaffer, Agusti and Earle, p. 728).The importer is in all probability to win the case. This is because of two factors, the open price term of the contract and the force majoure clause that applies to contracts that have been rendered impossible. chthonic the open price term, the distributer is bound by the contractual terms that were entered into during contract formation. The force majoure clause also suspends any liability over contractual obligations when activities have been rendered commercially impossible. Adversely unfavorable property fluctuation, being identified as a factor towards the clause, therefore releases both parties from any liability from t he contract. Consequently, the

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Aesthetics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

esthetics - Essay ExampleIn the year 1959, Frank Sibley proposed a different perspective regarding aesthetical concepts dictum that these concepts do not depend on any rules or conditions however, perceptions play a crucial character reference in judgment or appreciation of the artwork. Subsequently, the article discussed two types of aesthetic concepts unlikeable concepts and open concepts, where closed concepts come along with virtually conditions and open concepts enjoy no conditions attached. Lastly, Author indicated that although a number of theorists and scholars drive home proposed various definitions of art however, all of them fall in one of the three categories representation, expression, and form.Since centuries, art and beauty remained some of the influential and significant notions of the human society that inspired individuals to develop aesthetical understanding of existing, as fountainhead as non-existing objects. However, particular studies focusing on aesthetic s began in early 18th century as theorists and philosophers proposed their theories of harmony, art, music, etc. In such efforts, Immanuel Kant has been prominent as a number of theorists used Kantian thoughts for their basis. In brief, Kant proposed that inclusion of concepts and perceptions into art causes impurity in artworks, and thus, objectivity or universality is essential for purity in the artwork.The author of this article has specifically conversed about different aesthetic concepts that existed since eighteenth century in this sub-topic of artistic Concepts in his article, Aesthetics (Slater, 2005). In this regard, author indicated that 18th century witnessed development of wild romanticism in art and literature that enabled appreciation of a significant aesthetic notion, Sublimity. To validate his point, author has indicated usage of akin term in Edmund Burkes book in which, Burke showed closer

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Contempory social care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Contempory social disquiet - Essay Examplemore major life activities including self-cargon, language, learning, mobility, self-direction, efficacy for independent living, and/or economic self-sufficiency (Federal Developmental Disabilities Act of 1984).Professionals from a wide variety of palm and disciplines devote much time and energy in helping these minorren live comfortable and fulfilling lives with the end receive of mainstreaming them into society and the real world. Educators, therapists, psychologists, speech pathologists, physicians, social workers and even government officials join hands in the care and education of these children to ensure their optimum growth and development.When a child/adolescent with a preexisting disablement is separated from the parent/family and enters the child welfare system, already established medical and educational services for the child are often put on hold until placement is secured, records are gathered, and services with new provi ders are initiated in the geographical area of the placement. The child welfare worker, therefore, has a key role in identifying and accessing confiscate services for children/adolescents with disabilities and their families (biological and foster) within the child welfare system and in the medical and educational systems. To maintain children with disabilities in family and community settings, supportive, developmental, and therapeutic services must be provided to this population of children and to their biological, foster, and adoptive families (Hughes & Rycus, 1998).Children with disabilities often need medical attention. Hospitals offer multidisciplinary approaches to therapy. Aside from the usual pediatric consultation for the disability, a host of therapists physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, etc. are also available to help out. For a signifi tooshiet number of disabled children, hospital admissions can be frequent and prolonged. Their needs bri ng many additional challenges to the

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Business Strategies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

concern Strategies - Assignment ExampleThe target market of a company is women aged from 25 to 54 who pull in children and a sufficient income to spend on their products. The company strategic approach is built around the thingumabob and price suit fitting for its customers. Under this strategy, company has built its stores in a blowlike structure where shoppers kindle use carts to browse throughout the stores. Strategic management strategy of Kohls Corporation plays a spanking role in maintaining the companys profitability even in adverse situations. The customers taste and preferences are changing regularly, which can directly motivate the business. To avoid certain situation, it is necessary to redirect examination the external trends of the market regularly in order to take strategic actions on time. For this purpose, the strategic charabanc needs to review the internal and external environment of the company. It involves the process of job scanning, addressing externa l environment and trends, and designation of opportunities and threats. External trends for Kohls Corporation The manager at Kohls Corporation has to face various external trends that mainly concern external business environment. The profitability of the company is based upon these internal and external factors real in the business environment. ... Economic factors. In the past few years, there has been a decline in general economic condition of the country that leads to reduce the customer demand for merchandise. It also leads to reduce the sales and gross profit margins of the company. According to the case, the companys present economic condition is quite well, and it is able to compete with its competitors, but for future prospective, company must keep track of functional and technological changes in the retail industry so that managers can take decisions on time (Jeffs, 44). Technological trends. At present, there are various technological trends entering the retail and dep artmental store industry that can affect the consumer taste and preferences such as shopping malls, where various brands can open their store under unity roof. According to Kohls business strategy, they operate their stores in three settings the stand alone buildings, the big box mall and the lifestyle center. These three kinds of stores are able to create an environment that is convenient, friendly and exciting for their customers. It gives a unique feature to its business strategy. Governmental factors. What concerns the policy-making situation, governmental policies and political system of the country are extremely uncontrollable, and it can adversely affect the consumer confidence. The outbreak or escalation of war, the occurrence of terrorists acts and the other hostilities of the political system can lead to a decrease in spending by consumers. Socio-cultural factors. Socio-cultural factors include the knowledge, art, beliefs, morals, laws and springer of the society. The c hoices and purchasing habits of the customers are largely influenced by the socio-cultural factors, and it changes over time. Kohls Corporation

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Industrial Hemp Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Industrial marihuana - Essay prototypeSince 2007, the commercial value of hemp has grown tremendously. Today it is considered to be the fastest growing bio mass always k directlyn to exist. It induces around 25 tons of dry matter per hect atomic number 18 per year. In modern agriculture a normal average yield is tipped to be 2.5-3.5 t/ac. As a crop, hemp is likewise real environmentally friendly and does non require many pesticides or herbicides. Contemporary research has not foc apply much on soil fertility and hence there is very little info available on that front. Results and analysis show that a high yield of hemp may sensation to high yielding wheat crop. Hemp is hence one of the most ancient domesticated plants that incessantly existed. (Citizen) There are various varieties of Hemp out there. There is cannabis sativa, sativa vary. And sativa. These are grown for industrial use whilst on the other hand sativa indica is generally known to have poor fiber quality. Its p rimary winding purpose is for use for recreational purposes and for medicinal drugs. Talking about the differences in the plants at chemical level, their study difference rests in the amount of tetraydrocannabinol that is genetically produced in the plants. It is secreted by epidermal hairs called glandular trichomes and can be easily made out on genetical grounds. (Melody) There are some oil inseminate and fiber varieties of cannabis as well. They have been approved for industrial hemp production and can produce very little amount of psychoactive drug. They dont produce any physical or psychological effects. On the global scale China is the leading producer of hemp. It is also produced in Europe, jalapeno and Korea. Benefits and Many Uses of Industrial Hemp Hemp is use for reasons that are manifold. It is said to produce above 50,000 products in the United States itself. These include the manufacture of textiles, cordage, and nutritional products. Cordage can be produced in vary ing tensile strength. The bast fiber fiber is normally blended with some other organic fibers for instance flax, cotton and silk. These are used in the production of apparel and furnishing and have cotton and hemp in the ratio of 5545. provided 100% pure industrial hemp can also be used. It is just that more normally it is blended and mixed with cotton. The two fibers inside the hemp tend to be woodier. Because of their characteristic properties they are used commonly in non-woven items, mulch, litter and animal bedding. (Alberta) Hemp is also used in the production of oil-based pained, as a moisturizing agent in creams, for cooking and even in plastics. Basically, the oil present in the seeds gets oxidize when exposed to air. This helps in the extraction of oil and the use of Hemp in oil based products. Hemp seeds have been very fruitful in their use as bird seed mix and now they are also used to make fishing bait, Food The chemical composition of Hemp seeds is very interesting. They contain essential amino acids and essential fatty acids which are important for a healthy fit human life. These can seeds can be eaten raw, can be cooked with meal, and even made into hemp draw. This milk is used to prepare tea and in baking. The fresh leaves of hemp are also eaten in salads by many. Some of the most popular products made via hemp include cereals, waffles, nut butters and hemp tofu. There are some companies who try to gain more value out of industrial hemp. They try

International Human Rights Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

foreign Human Rights Law - Essay Examplewar lasted for several years and it was in 1918, when the war came to an end, disregarding of the outcome, leaving massive bloodshed, manslaughter, misery, orphanage, annihilation and demolition of human ethics, morals and ignorance of the respect of humankind behind as its everlasting impressions on the history of the world.1The great powers of the world, still hungry for power and possession, momentarily recognized the adopt for an organization that could counter future mishaps like that of World warfare I and laid the foundations of League of Nations, LN. The business office of LN was to safeguard the rights of minorities and to serve as a platform that shall provide opportunities to Great Powers of the world to bring their differences on the table. LN was to play the role of a negotiator, arbitrator and mediator to help the dust settle down and to prevent animosities from growing into battles and wars. The formation of LN was an indica tion of the fact that whatever happened, World War I could stupefy been prevented and the aims could have been achieved in a better manner. LN was to serve a body that would recognize and safeguard the right of valet de chambre irrespective of their colour, cast, race and religion. LN was formed with a broader perspective to serve humanity not only by preventing future wars but also by addressing to and focusing up on areas that were never streamlined and subjected to internationalistic attention in the past. LN also comprised bodies that were aimed at defining and securing rights of labour and highlighting public issues at an majestic platform such as health, opium and rights of refugees. But in 1939 the world witnessed another jolting war, World War II, that led to the demise of LN, as LN was created to prevent wars and within a few decades of its existence the world was at the verge of another war, this time even bigger in its magnitude and bitter in its essence.2 more(prenom inal) than 100 million humans participated in this war, belonging to various regions, religions

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Pharmacology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Pharmacology - Assignment ExampleIn these tissues, CD243 helps protect the tissue from cytotoxic effects of toxins. move on still, P-gp promotes the excrement of drugs into the bile ducts of the liver, emptying of drugs into urine, and excretion of drugs into the capillaries of the BBB (Schinkel et al., 1995 Horn & Philip, 2004).Different studies select been conducted in which various inhibitors of P-gp (MDR1) have been used to evaluate the bioavailability of drugs following the prohibition of MDR1. In one such test, the investigators used Dipyridamole to inhibit MDR1. The study hypothesized that inhibition of dipyridamole inhibition will result in increased bioavailability of digoxin. The study found out that dipyridamole increases the tightness of digoxin at the intestine and the germ plasm levels of digoxin were increased (Celine et al., 2003). In another study, the effect of MDR1 inhibition was measured on the effect of drug inter exploit between digoxin and quinidine. Qu inidine enhances plasma dousing of digoxin by inhibiting MDR1. The co- judicature of quinidine and digoxin resulted in an elevated concentration of digoxin and reduced excretion in urine (Fromm et al., 1999). Another study on mice indicated that absence of MDR 1 resulted in reduced excretion of digoxin (Funakoshi et al., 2003), dexamethasone, and Cyclosporin A (Schinkel et al., 1995). Rifampin is an inducer of CD243. A study conducted to determine the bioavailability of digoxin following the administration of rifampin revealed that the plasma concentration of digoxin dropped significantly. The drop has been accounted for by the understanding that rifampin induces the activity of MDR 1. JP 789 inhibits the action of MDR1 and therefore it can be hypothesized that during the interaction study, JP789 will result in an increase in the plasma concentration of digoxin and its reduced excretion in kidney

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Hospitality Industry Marketing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Hospitality Industry Marketing - research Paper ExampleThrough successful merchandising, the leaders of the cordial reception industries can find ways to beguile their clients hence they can be in a better position to compete in the marketplace. whole hospitality industries should make sure all their employee submit done selling courses, since it will help them to cope market researches and analysis, which are an essential tools for the development of strategies for an ecesis. For the success of every hospitality industry, pinch how to make analysis, and developing planned strategy based on selling research is very important. In addition to understanding the ways of satisfying their customers through marketing, the hospitality industries can also develop skills necessary for handling of their competitors. Moreover, marketing can help the industries make important decisions that will affect them positively. For this reason, it is vital to examine case studies. Those who s purt in the marketing departments within the hospitality industries have to collect information, about their customers behaviors. Furthermore, they should study their competitors by exploitation the marketing research strategically. Additionally, studying marketing can enable one to populate how people have solved marketing issues in the past, and this can take an organization to another level. Marketing enables an organization to know the useful ideas by studying the customers reactions. ... If one has some knowledge about marketing in the hospitality industries, it is recommended to develop the skills further, by taking some of specialized marketing courses, to enable them to work in both organization. Generally, it is vital to understand the importance of marketing. For people working at the hospitality businesses, they have seen the importance of having the marketing skills. If an organization has the best marketing ideas, it can be successful at satisfying its customers (Bar rows & Powers, 164). Marketing processes utilize to attract the potential customers to a hotel For a successful marketing, an organization has to develop a sound marketing plan. An organizations marketing strategies are the ones that differentiate it from its competitors. Therefore, for a Company to win its customers, it has to have proficient marketing strategies. Marketing is not just about selling what is produced, but it involves making a picking on what should be produced, and ways that the products will be sold. Marketing should be customer oriented alternatively that production oriented. For an organization to attract more customer than its competitors, it has to follow the following marketing process (Barrows & Powers, 164). First, the organization should know markets and market segments which when served they can generate more profits. To do this, there has to be thorough marketing research methods from statistical analysis, to the observation of the current and prospec tive customers. The organizations should do this in order to understand the of necessity of different marketing segments, and the extent to which these needs are not being met currently. This therefore, requires that the products or services

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Lessons from Platos Apology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lessons from Platos Apology - Essay drillThe present research has identified that the first lesson learned from the Apology relates to the nature of wisdom. After being instructed by the Oracle that he holds profound wisdom, Socrates searches throughout Athens for men of wisdom. Upon encountering one man, Socrates says, Well, although I do non suppose either of us knows anything really beautiful and good, I am better off than he is for he knows nothing and thinks that he knows. Here, Socrates is demonstrating that the true wisdom is not noesis, but the understanding that humanity is precise ignorant. This is an important lesson as it is still important for the world and has strong implications for peoples daily lives. The help lesson learned from the Apology concerns the nature of established areas of knowledge. After establishing the nature of wisdom, Socrates discusses areas of art and craftsmanship. In these regards, Socrates says, Meletus has a lyric with me on behalf of the poets, Anytus, on behalf of the craftsmen, Lycon, on behalf of the orators. While Socrates had earlier said that true wisdom is the understanding that thither is no wisdom, here Socrates is indicating that the areas of knowledge of the poets, craftsmen, and orators, also know nothing. In these thoughts, I learned from Socrates that many areas of knowledge claim they have wisdom that they dont. The third lesson learned from the Apology is that while someone aptitude have knowledge in one area it does not necessarily mean that they have knowledge in another area. During Socrates quest to discover people of wisdom he talks to the poets. Socrates says, I nurture observed that upon the strength of their poetry they believed themselves to be the acutest of men in other things in which they were not wise. Here Socrates is saying that the poets believe that since they have poetry knowledge, they also have true wisdom some the world.

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Term paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Term Paper ExampleA self-coloured would boost that it has succeeded in business if it has met its objectives. When the home is designing its objectives, it has to consider factors that would influence the food market entry burn down of the firm, pricing and distribution. Many automotive motive organizations face stiff competition in the market. This would call for a trade strategy that aim which would aid the firm to meet its set objectives.Information regarding products of the firm in the market is very important since it enables the business to identify areas, which need correction when designing marketing approach. trade survey is an important exercise to the firm since it will dictate the approach or entry air of the business in a particular segment. Marketing strategy is a tool that the automotive firm would use to make a calculative approach into the market. The strategy would influence issues such as pricing, distribution, and market share among others.Marketing of pro ducts require a strategic entry behavior into the market in localize to meet the set target of the organization. Most automotive companies manufacture similar products and supply their products into the same markets. rival among these companies requires a devised mechanism that would woo buyers to purchase specific products of a particular company. Branding of the company products and employing marketing tactics would help to woo buyers into buying the company products. Automotive firm needs to consider a number of factors before rolling its products into the marketing. These factors would influence the amount of sale the firm is able to make, the growth of the automotive firm and market share of the firm. This paper explores strategic marketing strategies for automotive company.Market survey helps in establishing taste and preferences of customers. Conducting a marketing research would help an automotive firm to develop products that would suit the come to of the consumers. The firm may

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Providing care with limited reimbursment Coursework

Providing care with limited reimbursment - Coursework ExampleAll the patients who come here require serious operate that can not be provided by every whiz, but by a few dedicated and move nurses. So, upon a successful completion of my training, I will need to evaluate the performance of each nurse. The one who displays a high spot of professionalism will be experienceed for employment (Masters, 2000).As an experienced professional, I potently believe in the quality of education being offered at the nursing training colleges. So, anyone who graduates with a degree must be a hard working professional. They have got all the theoretical knowledge and pragmatic skills that is necessary for them in the field. Therefore, if given an opportunity to nurture their talents, they can come out as prodigious professionals. It is for this reason that I do take my precious time to provide them with the necessary mentorship on but what to do when on duty.I prefer fresh graduates because they are restrained new(a) in the field. despite having little experience, the truth is that these are highly motivated professionals with lots of ambitions and expectations. Having just taken the oath, they are still committed to strictly complying with the ethical codes of conduct for the nurses (McHale & Gallagher, 2003). Therefore, there will be no doubt that the new graduates will be serving the patients with the expected degree of benevolence, sincerity and confidentiality.So, these are qualities that I have to consider while making a choice of my nurse. Apart from being thoroughly trained at the university, I should understand that vigorously mentor these nurses. Focusing on issues like practical skills, theoretical knowledge and the oecumenic application of nursing ethical codes of conduct are paramount (McHale & Gallagher, 2003). Once I gauge and ensure that they are upheld, I will not hesitate to engage that particular graduate. He deserves to be a

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College Life Essay Example for Free

College Life moveCollege life is stress free whoever said anything ab let out it being difficult is ludacris. Being in college is so nice. there is work but there isnt as much work as in high school. The assignments bent due for credit or points in our final grade. We do assignments for fun. Its no big deal if we dont do our homework, cramming the material the night before al agencys works, thats how high school was. The rest of the time we dont accept class we hang out with friends and talk until the day ends. There are so many things to do on campus such as joining clubs, going downtown, going shopping, or walking around campus with friends there is no time for homework. There is only time for exploring and having fun in college. Thats what the college life is all close having fun and socialization to our hearts content at parties, during class, after classes and on the weekends. All of the socializing outside of school leads you to do well in college.Testing your boundar ies and finding out what you truly love to do. Classes are there to happen you on track and help you appreciate what youre doing outside of school. School is there to help you take a leak what you want to do in the future, whether it is your new hobby or your career. College is all about finding yourself. You canister always make up the schoolwork anytime, but the main focus that schools want you to do is to have fun while being adequate to balance assignments and school. They are preparing you for your exciting future in the square world.The real world and the world of college are different but pretty much the same, there are the same workloads and most definitely the same enjoyment in the things you do at work and in college. College work is harder since you have to worry about making connections in college and keeping them strong because those relationships are those that youre going to treasure most. No one talks about high school memories, everyone talks about college memo ries.Thats why having the most fun those college years and caring less about school is the way to go for the best college memories and experiences you may ever have, in your entire life. Life is going to be ho-hum without those college years of fun, going in to the working world with more experiencesfrom college gives you a head up in the game, called the real world. Although you think its bad for you now, but wait until you get to tell everyone about your experiences in college during those line of descent interviews.They will be excited to hire you right off the bat knowing that you are create for the real world. Ready to work now that you have experience in experiencing the world to its fullest, and being able to share those experiences and relating them to people and their situations.My modest proposal is to enjoy yourself in college, dont worry besides much about the grades. Be in college for the education but dont forget to go wild when having fun during those college year s. You never know when youre going to be able to experience them once again in the real world.

European Description Essay Example for Free

European explanation EssayThe fear when youre in a social situation in which you may be undefended to some kind of harm, or so as you may think. It washbasin arouse a scare attack, the persons fear is noticeable and they would rather avoid such situations. It is normally diagnosed in people under 18, and washstand last for about 6 months. This fear is not created because of a drug, and if a general condition is present, it is not related to it in any way. European DescriptionOften starts in adolescence and is experienced around minute chemical companys of people. It asshole be seen in both males and females. In some cultures, direct eye-to-eye contact can be stressful, and nausea, hand tremor and panic attacks may be seen too. Most of this is related to low self-esteem and at that place is always a prevailing fear of being criticized. In extreme cases, total isolation may be experiencedTreatmentMost phobias can be treated through therapy, however in very extreme cases , pharmacotherapy (includes the use of antidepressant drugs) may be needed. (APA 1998) The cognitive behavioral therapies reassure the long-suffering that there is nothing that could possibly harm them.This is done by approaching a situation which may be frightening for the patient and then breaking it down into pieces to allow ways to cope with that (such as muscle relaxation). These therapies have been in practice for a while and have been proven fruitful. A boundary of this treatment is lack of therapists to take care of such situations. An article in any case suggested that serotonin reuptake inhibitors also help in such conditions.Is the sudden, rapid, unusual kind of behavior which may be vocal or corporal called tics. It normally attacks someone before the age of 18 and there is no research to subsist its cause it is neither the side effect of a drug nor a general disease. The period can last for about a year, and the tics occur as frequently as a few generation a day.E uropean DescriptionA tic is defined as a sudden and involuntary movement, which is of no use but may be suppressed. Common tics include blinking of the eye, sniffing, shrugging your shoulders whereas more complex ones can be more physical, such as skipping around, or even causing harm to one self. It is an uncommon, continuing disorder which occurs more in males compared to females and has been proved hereditary. De la Tourrettes Syndrome is when theres a lot of overlap of vocal and physical tics which can be observed during childhood or adolescence, and can lead on into a patients heavy(p) life too. Tics may be suppressed and can be put off by exhalation to sleepRecent research + Magazine ArticleSleeping Patterns in children with Tourette syndrome a polysomnographic studyTo tax data on sleep quantity/quality and tics during night sleep in children with Tourette syndromePolysomnography of teenage and raw kids who suffered from Tourettes were taken they did not have attention d eficit hyper bodily function disorder . The control for this experiment was a group of 16year old sex and IQ matched teenagers. Their sleeping patterns were noticed to have added short movements, which lasted about 15 seconds and their tic activity and sleeping gallus were studied.It was seen that kids who suffered from TS showed major changes in their sleeping span and slept for longer than the control group. it was also seen that they were stir most of the time, rather than fully asleep. The number of stages that they went through had no difference. Movement was seen to be similar, but TS patients showed a little bit more movement.It was seen that there is no direct link between sleep span and movements in your sleep. Children with TS have disturbed sleep which is because of their tics during the day. There is a need for further research on this issueTreatment A placebo-controlled trial of risperidone in Tourette syndromeA study was carried out to evaluate the efficaciousness a nd safety of risperidone in children and adults with TSThe study lasted for 8 weeks and patients were selected randomly for a placebo controlled trial. Total tic score was being measured.34 participants (26 children and 8 adults) from 6 to 62 years were available. Total Tic scores were similar at baseline (26.0 +/- 5.1 for risperidone vs 27.4 +/- 8.5 for placebo). afterward 8 weeks of treatment (mean daily dose of 2.5 +/- 0.85), the 16 subjects on risperidone showed a 32% reduction in tic severity from baseline, compared to a 7% reduction for placebo patients.The 12 children randomized to risperidone showed a 36% reduction in tic symptoms compared to an 11% decrease in the 14 children on placebo. Two children on risperidone showed acute social phobia, which opinionated with dose reduction in one subject but resulted in medication discontinuation in the other. A mean increase in body weight of 2.8 kg was observed in the risperidone group compared to no change in placebo. No extrapy ramidal symptoms and no clinically significant alterations in cardiac conductivity times or laboratory measures were observed.Therefore it was seen that Risperidone appears to be safe and effective for short-term treatment of tics in children or adults with Tourette syndrome. Longer-term studies are needed to evaluate the durability of efficacy and safety over time.

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Self defense EssayRepresenting a root that is conflict in self defense, for preservation of our species, and all species of life on earth is usually the main conclusion of an eco-terrorist. Eco-terrorists operate through self-sufficient units, and be unconstrained by geographic boundaries. They atomic number 18 very demanding to permeate and stop. Unlike racial hate groups with ingredientship requirements, an eco-terror active can bring to pass a member of the eco-terror movement simply by carrying out an illegal action on its behalf.In recent years, an change magnitude amount of eco-terrorism activity has been carried out, and the amplified nature of these attacks suggests that the actions and beliefs behind the groups are not coming to an end anytime soon. II. Definition Eco-terrorism has legion(predicate) comments. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, eco-terrorism is defined as the acts of terrorism, violence or sabotage committed in reenforcement of ecological , environmental, or animal rights causes against persons or their property. The condition itself can refer to the use of violence of a illegal nature against innocent victims or property for environmental and semipolitical reasons.Often of a symbolic nature, acts of eco-terrorism are usually committed by individuals who believe that the exploitation of infixed resources and vandalism of the environment are graceful so severe that action right(prenominal) of conventional legal and environmental channels is required. By the matter Bureau of probe (FBI), it is defined as the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against people or property by an environmentally oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature (Jarboe, 2002). The FBI has credited to eco-terrorism, $200 million in property damage from 2003 to 2008, and a majority of states within the USA realise introduced law s aimed at eco-terrorism. Ultimately, any definition is possible but the commonly held definition of terrorism is that its goal is ideological, not financial. III. History The terminus eco-terrorism is believed to have been coined by Ron Arnold, the executive director of the center for the Defense of Free Enterprise. He first used the term in a 1983 article in Reason Magazine.In 1991, Ron Arnold told Outside magazine that he chose the term eco-terrorism because it was ambiguous and fit neatly in newspaper headlines. He defended the word by stating Facts dont really matter. In politics, perception is reality (Berlau, 2007). According to Mr. Arnold he wanted to pulverize environmentalists by taking away their m peerlessy and their members. He spoke of his efforts as We (CDFE), Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, created a sector of public vox populi that didnt used to exist. No one was aware that environmentalism was a problem until we came a dour (Burke, 1993). Ron Arnold w as trying to eliminate eco-terrorists and destroy environmentalism once and for all for two main reasons. First, for him personally, it was financially rewarding to oppose environmentalism and second it was a political gain on his part with the government and politicians. Arnold has been very busy writing a series of highly critical books on the environmental movement. He has always been aimed at mobilising those receptive to his argumentative language and comparitive indemnity debates as being a war. Arnold once stated We are sick to death of environmentalism and so we leave destroy it.We will not allow our right to own property and use natures resources for the benefit of human being to be stripped from us by a bunch of eco-facists (Burke, 11993). To understand Ron Arnolds term of eco-terrorism, one must look clog into history as to how the activities of threats began. The eco-terrorist movement was said to begun in the 1960s, when a group of animal rights advocates in Englan d formed the Hunt Saboteurs Association. This assembly disrupted fox hunts by blocking roads, protesting the hunters by using bullhorns, and confusing the hunting dogs trail by spraying chemicals that eliminated the scent left by foxes. subsequently effectively ending a number of traditional hunting events across England, the members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association dogged more militant action was needed and in 1972, they became the Band of Mercy, a much more angry activist group that damaged property and held frequent meetings to attract new advocates. The ideas of violent activities to ensure the activists points were made brought around the forming of more more organizations that even exist today. IV. Organizations There are many organizations alive in todays societies, which are fighting for environmental causes and animal rights.The wight spillage Front (ALF) is one of the about extreme animal rights groups in the linked States. Their purpose is to inflict stinting dam age to those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals. They oppose any form of animal experimentation and comprehend mistreatment towards animals. Their principle activities include freeing animals from places of abuse such as labs, and zoos, and then committing property destruction. The origins of ALF trace back to the Hunt Saboteurs Association that was formed in England in the 1960s, which later became the Band of Mercy.ALF claimed full righteousness for a 1987 arson at a University of California-Davis veterinary laboratory, which ended up causing $3. 5 million cost of damages. Their next major claim was at a 1992 firebombing at an animal research laboratory at Michigan State University. The Department of Justice and Agriculture stated that ALF was the most significant radical rush animal rights group and reported more than 313 incidents of break-ins, vandalisms, arson and thefts committed in the name of animal rights amid 1979 and 1993 (Anti-Defamation League, 2005).In 1975, Peter Singer who was an Australian philosopher wrote the most influential book titled Animal going. It was one of the first books to cover animal rights and it gave great motivation to activist groups such as ALF, to become more active and more violent in their protest activities. In his book, Singer says that any harbouring being that has a face, must have a soul and is able to feel pain and gloominess (Singer, 1975). Although he did not specifically advocate violence, Singer did suggest that animals deserve the same rights as humans. another(prenominal) well known organization is Earth First, which came about in the 1980s.This group engaged in acts of accomplished disobedience by using the method of tree spiking. This is the practice of hammering nails and large metal spikes into the drawers of the trees, to prevent it from being cut down. When the loggers saws hit the spikes they would be damaged upon repair, forcing the workers to stop, which ultimately slow ed the rate of logging, and in counter cost the logging companies time and money. They insisted no harm to the loggers but the spikes were known to severely injure the loggers, and they were coerce to abandon their tactics of tree spiking which resulted in loss of popular support.Earth First brought about a more radical organization of themselves and in 1992 they renamed the organization as the Earth Liberation Front ( pyxie). ELF sees its own actions as a matter of self defense, protecting the earth from the greedy individuals and corporations that it views as destroying the environments ability to sustain life. They view politicians as ineffective and believe that if something is to be done, they must do it themselves. ELF claimed sole responsibility for an attack in the United States in 1997 when activists burned down a Bureau of Land Management horse corral in Oregon.The group also made national headlines when it claimed responsibility for the arson of a ski resort in Vali, C olorado, which caused $12 million in damages. Their logical thinking for this attack was that putting profits ahead of Colorados wildlife will not be tolerated, and that the greedy corporation continued to trespass into the wild and un-roaded areas. ELF views the ongoing battle with urban and leisure building, as a wasteful and unnecessary infringement on natural habitats. Car dealerships and sport utility vehicles are also a common target for members of the ELF organization.They have been known to set fire to, snowfall up, and spray paint such vehicles and facilities. The organization defends their actions with the view that they are eliminating the profit motive from killing the natural environment. Ultimately since 1996, ELFs campaign of property destruction has cost some $43 million, and has merely to result in permanent closure of a business or facility. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has formed joint terrorism task forces with police around the country to investig ate ELF actions and potentially stop them altogether.Another well known organization is ascertain Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). This organization came about in 1998 when a British television broadcast, BBC, did a graphic documentary alleging mistreatment of animals by Huntingdon Life Sciences, a British-based research firm. In response to this documentary, outraged animal rights activists began to pressure financial institutions associated with Huntingdon Life Sciences to drop their support of the company and thereby force them to discontinue animal use in their tests. This campaign named themselves Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.SHAC quickly became a transatlantic cause among radical animal rights activists, with chapters in Germany, Italy, Portugal, and the United States. Today, the group has claimed responsibility for several bombings and numerous acts of vandalism as well as harassment in both the United States and Europe. The SHAC uses the internet more effectively than an y other eco-terrorist group. On their website, they provide activities with specific targets that include learning such as the names and addresses, spouses names and even social security meter of its intended targets, whether it is an individualized person or a company/organization.Once the information is relayed electronically, SHAC activists protest outside the homes of the targeted employees. A new nonprofit organization recently formed in Portland, Oregon, called Stop Eco-Violence (SEV), was made to leaven the harm of eco-terrorism to communities where it occurs. SEV was founded on the core principle that violence is no solution to addressing environmental and social issues. Stop Eco-Violence hopes to expose the terrorists and their founders, as well as assist law enforcement agencies, by serving as a public clearinghouse to track eco-terrorism cases.Despite the few successes by law enforcement in capturing those responsible for eco-terror related crimes, most of the acts mad e by these organizations remain unsolved. Eco-terrorist groups remain extremely difficult to identify and infiltrate, and it is very unlikely that the rapidly growing movement of eco-terrorism will disappear soon. However, I feel that these organizations should be allowed their activist movements as long as their position of the acts themselves include such attitudes that the kind, compassionate, caring of other people is included.

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Jury Nullification Paper Essay Example for Free

Jury Nullification root EssayIn this paper I am waiver to explain whether ethnicity influences judgeshiproom proceedings and juridic practices, and give whatsoever examples of ethnicity-based dialog box nullification, a sanctioned doctrine of trial proceedings wherein members of a jury disregard either the evidence presented of the instructions of the judge in order to reach a finding of fact based upon their own consciences. It espouses the concept that jurors should be the judges of both law and fact.Ethnicity in law woo is an outstanding factor depending were your venue of mash is located, and the jurors selected to the court. If in a court room at that place be jurors that are all white and are jurors for a case involving a white man that killed a African American man, may cause the jurors to listen to the white man case rather than the African American individual. In some cases if the white man story is little probable to happen the jurors will past have to tak e more time and listen closer to both of the stories. Jurors are told when in court that they have to judge by the facts and not by preferences in ethnic groups or color of skin, some do listen some do not take both facts they just prefer to select the person who is less guilty or if they see a similarities in themselves with an offender.One example of a preferred jury was a case that took place on the night of February 26, 2012, in Stanford, Florida, George Zimmerman fatally jab Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American high school student. George Zimmerman, a 28 year old Hispanic, was the neighborhood watch coordinator for the gated community where martin was temporarily staying and where the shooting took place. Martin and Zimmerman where in a face-off musical composition martin was walking thru the gated community while on the ground Zimmerman shot Martin killing him. When officers arrived on purview they took Zimmerman into custody and attended his injuries, then ques tioned for five hours.Under the state law of Florida it is legal to defend yourself while being under attack and you are able to use lethal force. Zimmerman stated that martin was reaching toward Zimmermans gun but no evidence was found. The jury decided that Zimmerman was not guilty, there was controversy in this case because martin was a preadolescent black kid who dressed different and was judged by that. The jury I believe looked at Martin as a bigger threat than Zimmerman.In this case a young black male was judged incorrectly by hatful who saw him as kid that was not going on the correct path, and on the other side they see a person who was keeping a watch on his community and keep them safe. Some people just see a Hispanic male getting away with murder and a African American kid who was killed harshly. For this case 5 of the 6 jurors were considered white and 1 mixed race, in this county were the case took place in Florida only 10 percent of the population are African Ameri can.Even though when selecting a jury there is people who make sure there are no bias selection of jurors, sometimes jurors when in court change their minds because they relate to the case or because some similar situations have happen to that juror or a close relative. When jurors relate to cases it starts to become a bias situation, for example if a case of a women that was beaten by a husband because of infidelity, some jurors if women will take the women side and will by chance go against the husband. Otherwise if the jurors are mostly men the men will tend to reduce prison term or even find a reason to liberate the husband accused of beating his married woman due to infidelity.When facing a court case such as the famous case of Rodney male monarch the jurors gave a harsh punishment to the police officers not because they were bias, but because the footage of the people who are there to wait on and protect were acting like animals and very unprofessional. In this situation t he jury were mainly concerned that these officers that were in duty to serve and protect the community can act so savagely, in this case there was a clear bias situation the jurors were not looking at the officers as heroes because they took down a man that was drugged up, the jurors saw the police beatinga man that was defense less and without any admirer.There will always be all sorts of bias and sometimes racism inside of the court room, jurors are chosen the best as possible but sometimes it just is not plenty to sentence a case correctly. Jurors have the responsibility to give the case to the innocent person and to help the judge make the correct decision, but sometimes jurors make mistakes and are guided by their emotions and not the facts, when that happens the case becomes a bias case and usually in favor of the person the jurors think is innocent.In my opinion jurors should be taught and learn on how to use the facts to see all the details of the case, jurors should also be taught different types of classes on looking at all the evidence in favor and not in favor, the jurors should also take in mind that the person being sentenced also have families and deserve a fair opportunity on their criminal case. The diversity on the juror stand should be always permitted I believe there should not be more Whites or Blacks or Hispanic jurors there should be a fair amount of jurors for all ethnicities this will bring a balance and a fair judgment of all the cases in court. This will bring more fairness and belief to the court system and will help the judges job easier and trust the people of the juror stand. To conclude, jurors should be a very great help for criminal cases but they always have to judge with intelligence and with fairness.

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Teacher That I Like Essay Example for Free

Teacher That I Like EssayFriendly short Pay attendant with learners openhearted Handsome Knowledgeable Good solving the problem Funny Good explaining Good manner run through High education full(a) The instructor that I like is teacher Don Sarom. Im a student at Kids international school. At there I have a teacher. His prenomen is teacher Don Sarom. He is the teacher that I like very much. He is very giving but he is shorter than me and fatter than me. He is very friendly and funny also. When he is explaining he always has a fun that make we want to study with him. He always pay attendant with all the student in the class. When have some students that dont understand he will explain them over again and again until they understand clearly. And when he explains, all the students are tried to listen to him altogether.He is very soft also. When I have some problem that I dont know how to do I always call to ask him and he always tell me all the time although hi i s analyse or busying also. He always has enough implement to teach. When have some problem that happen in the school or in the class he always find the untroubled solving. And he is the good manner person also. When he speaks is make all the student listen to him and always think what that he speak because he is a high education person. Im very like him he is always helping me all time that I have problem or also the entire student in the class. I will remember all the things that he has done to me. If the entire teacher is as same as him I think all the students are very happy to study.

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Entrepreneurship Essay Example for Free

Entrepreneurship Essay1. Is it ever too slowly for an entrepreneur to launch a new business venture?I am sure that it is neer too late for an entrepreneur to start a new business venture if he/she is manipulate to spargon nothing for making the enterprise effective and shoulder any the responsibilities. There is a broad amount of famous successful businessmen over 50-55, who continue opening more and more companies and expanding their business. Besides, I hypothesize that if a person feels ready to open a new venture, it is not necessary to go for somewhatthing huge. One can open a small company or go in for understructure business.Such decisions about launching a new business enterprise depend exceptionally on personal qualities, talents and abilities of an entrepreneur. I believe that older businessmen support greater experience and knowledge, as salutary as more connections and opportunities in business world, than many an(prenominal) young entrepreneurs. Therefore , I do not think that age can be a serious obstacle for opening a new business.2. given over the sluggish economy and the highly competitive casino industry, should Wynn establish a new venture in a saturated market? Why? Why not?I suppose that it is quite untamed to launch a new venture in terms of sluggish economy in a saturated market, especially in casino industry. Casino business is rather particularized and has a specific demand, thats why it can be possible to advance in such environment besides for those businessmen, who have already managed to earn a good name and reputation, as well as have a lot of business connections and potential customers. Otherwise it is really difficult to reach positive scotch benefits in terms of saturated market.As we can learn from the case, it proved to be very herculean to re-enter highly competitive market even for such a respectful and successful businessman as Steve Wynn. His rivals started seriously improving their facilities, chang ing their marketing strategies and attracting more and more clients. That is why Wynn had to give up some incomes, invest more money into his hotel and sell some of his property in order to identify headway his facilities.3. Does it matter that Le Reve is located in a less than desirable ara of Las Vegas?I do not think that it can be the most principal disadvantage for an ordinary hotel, because the customers usually let in into consideration other(a) important factors, including the price for hotel rooms and the quality of services. Nevertheless, it is known that the majority of the clients of Las Vegas luxury hotels are very wealthy Americans, who are ready to pay more money and stay in those hotels, which are located closer to the centers of gambling and entertainment. Therefore, in such situation hotel location really matters a lot.In addition, the main problem of not favorable location is that fact that it can not be changed easy and shortly. If it is possible to improve the quality of hotel services by hiring more qualified personnel or note the prices to attract more customers, theres hardly something that can be done about the perpetrate where the hotel is built. That is why such factor as location has to be undoubtedly considered by those who want to make their hotel business really successful.4. Are there other reasons besides money for new business ventures?We all know that from economic point of view, the main goal of an enterprise or business company is making profits. But, certainly, there are many other reasons for launching a new business enterprise except just earning more and more money. For example, opening a new casino or any other gambling facility can be taken as socially important campaign, because it offers new prestigious workplaces to people, as well as brings a lot of income to national budgets due to high taxes, etc.Also, for many businessmen starting a new business or a new company is a great personal challenge. They can be looking for success and public recognition, trying to win a good reputation, or considering entrepreneurship to be a way to apply their talents and skills. Finally, when opening new business ventures, some businessmen are thinking about their future generations and making their life easier.

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Trends and the Future of Public Service Essay Example for Free

Trends and the Future of universal Service EssayIntroductionPublic serve organizations atomic number 18 the welkins that always receive considerable attention form the judicature. Beside their currently lower take aim of setance compargon to private organizations, the attention is given due to governmental responsibilities is fulfilling demands of the wad. Recently, the popular benefit field is evolving, partly due to the influence of a new management system called Outejaculate Based Management.In this paper, I am discussing the contents and philosophy of the Outcome Based management approach and how it influenced the in the globe eye(predicate) portion sphere in United States. Outcome Based ManagementII.1. Emerging TrendOutcome ground management (OBM) is the managerial framework that emphasizes more on forward looking activities. This managerial approach focuses on why atomic number 18 things done and what turn out unquestionablely been done. In a simple senten ce, the term encourages managing for real results. The term is frequently identified with the sentence better planning generates better outcomes. The managerial framework branch gained attention of universe organizations managers because of its commitment toward results.The globe run is always known lo follow behind the private sector because of its weak commitment toward real compassments. This is reveled in various sectors of the public sector, including the environmental sector, wellness sector and even child-c argon. These sectors required a system that works based on real-hard results, and OBMs characteristic that put forth concretion between run delivered and actual goal achievements is a controlling catalyst in the adoption of this concept into the public receipts sector.II.2. Elements of OBMThere are several elements of OBM. The starting line is the outcome itself. Outcome is the impact, result or consequences for the organization of related parties. If the outc ome of a particular drift matched existing corporate objective, then the company obligate successfully performed the OBM. The second element of OBM is the service given. They are tools to achieve the outcomes determined earlier. The third element is the Key carrying into action Indicators. The performance indicators function as an compend tool that determines whether the targeted outcomes are achieved or not.The traditional perspective perceived a company to perform 3 important activities, which are planning, budgeting and reporting. According to the OBM perspective however, these activities bath be explained further using a mountain chain of detailed abut, which includes construction of corporate goals and strategic outcomesFormulation of mission statement and the strategic planFormulation of budgets, including key performance indicator targetsDelivery of servicesPerformance reporting in annual reportsPerformance assessmentOutcomeOutcome is simply the reason why corporate a ctivities are performed. There are actually three levels of outcomes, the initial is corporate goals. It is the highest level of outcome and the most global one. The second is called strategic outcomes, which relate corporate goals into these parties the people in general (comm social unity), the environment, the economy, the region and governance. Considerations of these factors brought to the finding of strategic outcomes. The third is called agency-level outcomes, which functions are to detail the general outcomes into more specific targets. The formulation of agency-level outcomes is the final step before performing the servicesClearly defining corporate outcomes are important element of the OBM application. This is true because the outcome learning entrust be used to direct the organization in spite of appearance its activities. For example, the outcome education is in the main used by the corporate management to trigger corrective actions like identifying task areas th at requires attention identify best practices prompt employees and to perform planning and budgeting activities. The outcome objective can also be used by outdoor(a) parties to perform economic analysis, tin informed commentary, and perform benchmarking.Services The adjoining step in OBM by and by properly defining the right goals, strategic level outcomes and agency level outcomes is defining how severally unit could ease up to the achievement of organizational goals. OBM stresses on the importance in finding the link between the craved outcome and the services delivered. This is necessary because according to the OBM resource should be allocated to any unit unless it can contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Alignment between the goals and the service provided is a must because once much(prenominal) an alignment is achieved the collection of costs and performance data is easier to perform.After defining the specific agendas of each unit of the organizatio n, the next step within OBM is reviewing the service agendas. The common practice in OBM organizations is by developing a service checklist that ordain enable them to evaluate whether the services delivered are the right ones.Performance Indicators The third step in the application of OBM is developing performance indicators. The presence of the right performance indicators will allow performances to be measured, evaluated, and improved. The general performance indicators in OBM are divided into two categories, which are effectiveness indicators and efficiency indicators. The two categories should have at least three characteristics, which are relevance, appropriateness and fair representative ness. Defining these indicators enables the organization to perform continuous improvement by identifying emerging issues and specify the best services to deal with the issues, and furthermore, improve organizational accountability.II.3. Experts Opinion about OBM The ideal implementation of t he OBM concept supposedly generates the following conditionsEncourages information sharing between employees and externally with clients, partners, etcEncourage communication of organizational achievementsEasier and more effective reporting activitiesincrease flexibility and scalabilityLead to effective use of available business information for analytical reporting, decision reservation and forecasting.Improve operational efficiencyIncreased profitability from relationship with partners and suppliersDrive operating staff toward the achievements of strategic results, etcTaking account of these achievements, the OBM concept is generally benefiting organizations as a whole, particularly the less committed public service organizations. There are however, obstacles that must be faced.In the process of defining outcomes and unit donation to that outcome, there are individuals and parts of the organization that are reluctant to share data due to aid of inaccuracy or more often, unfavor able interpretation. The second challenge is caused by the tendency of people that have invested in their data collection to be unwilling to share the information due to the loss of credit in the work involved.The third challenge is cost oriented. Some data required to achieve accurate measuring are more expensive than distinguishables. The fourth challenge is simply caused by the fear of being judged for something that we cannot control. In many sectors, like the environmental and health sectors, there are often uncontrollable variables that considerably feign the achievements of organizational goals. Including these factors in the evaluation system will be inaccurate and furthermore, most likely capture the source of discontent ness among employees.II.4. Identification of the Trend Organizations and institutions that use OBM concepts generally have specific characteristics within them. The implementation of OBM is similar in various sectors despite the different services offe red by the sectors. The implementation can be detected in the form of steps performed to identify goals and linking them to services performed. The meat of resources and time use to each step might differ from one industry to the others depending on the difficulty of performing each step, but the steps that are performed are generally within the same order.For example, in the environmental public services, the step of resources committed to define the desirable outcome is quite enormous and significantly larger than other sectors This is due to the difficult nature of defining the suitable environmental targets to be achieved from environmental projects. In health care sector and child care sector on the other hand, identifying what services to perform in order to achieve identified goals are the most difficult step and the one requires most observations. These sectors however, are all performing similar elements of the OBM approach.Implications for the Public ServiceIII.1. Uniqu e Sector Public service is generally known as governmentally-run organizations which all resources are generated from the government and thus, from the public themselves. If we are to study the development of this sector however, it is necessary to reveal how the public service sector is rationally different from the private sector. The most base difference is the fact that in the private sector, most activities started at the supply side. Technology, for instance, is known as a tremendous catalyst from the supply side of business in the private sector that generates dramatic veers in various industries. In the public service sector on the other hand, the main intervention that leads to change originated from the demand side. Ironically, there are generally little chances to charge the public directly for the services they receive. governmental taxes are the media that connects the payment between the public and the public sector workers. In addition of becoming a tool of deliveri ng what the public needs, the public sector is also the tool to create a balance in the private sectors operations. In the transport and utilities sector for example, where networks grows and the element for natural monopoly is strong, public involvement is required to close out market failures and the abuse of market positions (Franois, 2003). In the light of this unique complex body part, we can logically guest that the line with public service sector is actually the presence of the government as an intermediary party itself. In the private sector, people are work for their customers and they gain payments from them as well. This trade between service and payments happens dynamically and each side can influence the trade. In other words, it is easier for the private sector workers to influence the amount of payment they will receive. In the public sector on the other hand, people are working for the government. Workers are not in direct trade of service and payments as the pri vate sector. It is harder for them to influence the amount of payment they will receive (Glaeser, 2003). In discussions of why productivity and efficiency in the public sector is often considered worse than the private sectors, many factors are mentioned, but the condition revealed above is one of the reasons often mentioned. The private sector workers are generally more motivated because in their frame of mind they have a way of influencing their own destiny. The public sector workers on the other hand, are working for different people than the one signing their checks. Knowing that the reference of their work will not influence their salaries, public sector workers are subject to a declining working motivation (Disney, 1998).III.2. Challenges In addition to the general problem mentioned above, there are also other issues that are parts of the new development of the public service sector in United States. Political leaders indicated the need to recruit the next extension of publi c sector workers. It is believed that the public service sector environment today has already evolved into phases that are out of the older-generations league. The new system of management requires new workers with the ability to learn and adapt to the evolved conditions of the public service sector.Others however, believed that such a change will not be beneficial due to the similar image of the job. Workers at the public service sector are still viewed as a public servant, a phrase which are highly unpopular in American society. Despite the enhanced system of management, if the government is unable to maintain change this image, the new workers are still going to be the new generation of public servants, in the sense that they have minimum bargaining power over the services they provide and salaries they receive.Another issue in the public service sector, particularly in the United States is the ageing structure of the public service workers. Statistics indicated that with the rel uctance of young people in entering the sector leave completely old people within the sector. This will obviously mean a degradation of management quality within the public service sector. Another study indicated that information deficiency is significant problem in managing public services. The information regarding desired outcome are generally owned by the lowest people in the managerial chain, while the strategic decisions are made by the government which has little doorway to the information (Challenges, 2008).III.3. Implications of the OBM ApproachIII.3.1. New Systems The application of the OBM approach to the public service sector might source several of the problems mentioned earlier. For example, the lack of motivation could be solved by better focus on actual results and linking organizational objectives directly to services performed. Successful application however, requires adaptation to the steps and elements of the OBM approach. In the public service organization, t he desired outcomes can be those specified in the annual budget statements or those identified in legislation and specified by the related authority. For example, the general outcome of a public sector could be accessible, reliable and safe public transport system, or a fair and independent criminal quest service. In the public service organizations, these general outcomes can then be translated into the agency-level outcomes. Furthermore, the use of outcome information in the public service organizations, can internally improve the budget setting process, while externally it can improve agency control, make it easier for other agencies to make contributions to the organization (Hundley, 1991). In the next step, OBM leads the public sector organization to specify agency-level services that are required to achieve the agency-level outcomes. This is generally performed by the devising of a service checklist. The service checklist consist of questions like what service are delivered, what outcome are the services addressing, what results are the service addressing.Afterwards, the OBM approach takes the public service organization to developing performance indicators. For the public service organizations, cost efficiency indicators could be cost per student graduated, cost per license issued, etc productivity indicators include students taught per teacher, cases determined per officer, etc. Overall, the benefits brought by the new approach includeGreater public transparencyEnhanced cognition in identifying best practicesIncreased ability in assessing performance against targetIncreased ability in investigating reasons of failure in meeting specified targets(Hatry, 2003)III.3.2. New Skills Required In light of the elements and process demanded by the OBM approach, the new skills required areSensitivity to new Information To better perform the first step of the OBM approach, which is defining goals and outcomes, members of the public service organization need to be sensitive of the demands exist in the surrounding environment. This is related to the fact that public sector organizations exist to serve the public rather than to achieve organizational profit.Communicating informationThe people that are exposed to new information generally come from the lowest structure of the organization. Thus, the organization must design a system and furthermore, the skills to communicate information up to the highest level of management.Linking service activities to established goalsUnder the OBM approach workers at the public service organization are demanded to constantly see the linkage between the goals, outcome defined agency-level outcome and finally the service performed. This will provide them with clear logical frame of thinking, especially in decision making activities.ReferenceChallenges and Trends in Public Administration. 2008. Retrieved January 2008 from unpan1.un.org/intradoc/groups/ public/documents/ASPA/UNPAN006965.pdfDisney, R., and Gosl ing, A. 1998, Does it Pay to Work in the Public Sector?, Fiscal Studies, 19(4), 34774.Franois, P. 2003, Not-for-Profit preparedness of Public Services, The Economic Journal, 113(486), C5361.Glaeser, E. L. 2003. The Governance of Not-for-profit Organizations. Chicago, IL, University of ChicagoPress.Hatry, H. P., Morley, E., Rossman, S. B. Wholey, J. S. 2003. How Federal Programs Use Outcome Information Opportunities for Federal Managers. discipline Academy of Public AdministrationHundley, G. 1991. Public and Private-sector Occupational Pay Structures, Industrial Relations, 30(3), 41734.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vegetarians Essay Example for Free

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vegetarians EssayOne advantage that cannot be disputed is that vegetarians sense of right and wrong can be at peace in the sense that he does not cause the close of animals grown for mrust and fat such as rabbits, poultry or pigs. This idea alone persuades galore(postnominal) people, especi eithery women to start embracing vegetarianism as their way of life. Another undisputable advantage of vegetarianism is that massive-term vegetarians ar rarely overweight thus people can make losing weight easier by becoming vegetarians. Of course, they depart still need to compose their diet very carefully since many of the high-calorie (with low nutritional value) foods make up no plaza at all. Actually, meat is not high on calories unless it is a fatty meat. less(prenominal) clear and more arguable is the claim that vegetarianism is healthier and better for ones longevity. All advocates of vegetarianism act as this card and support their claims with many arguments.The basic idea is that our body can get everything it needs from plants or animal by-products such as eggs or milk. Of course, there are extreme groups who refuse to eat animal by-products, but Ill stick with the less extreme idea. Anyway, this is true, at least as long as you eat fish some people who consider themselves vegetarians eat fish, some dont. Anyway, no one can say with absolute certainty (you can believe it, but cannot prove it indisputably) that avoiding all meat is beneficial for human body. However, it is certain that limiting certain types of meat is good for us. And vegetarians benefit from avoiding those kinds of meat (after all they do not eat any meat).

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Effects of Drugs and Alcohol to the Body Essay Example for Free

cause of Drugs and inebriant to the Body EssayThe effects of drugs and alcohol may vary on the mannikin of drug, the dosage, the frequency, the persons torso element and metabolism, and the type of personality. According to the American Academy of child and adolescent psychiatry, 20 million adults in the United States abused alcohol and half of these abusers were teenagers. Teens usually perceive drugs and alcohols as a solution to their problems, to gain popularity, to become active, to have pleasure and at times due to curiosity and catch pressure. They simply disregard the fact that this forget only harm their bodies, mess up their entire lives, and could crimson ensue them to terminal.The effects of these substances argon danger to human brain and body. Drugs are considered pervasive. It compromises the ability of the body to break down well. It affects both physical and psychological aspects. Over consumption or tolerance to this effect can lead to physiological pr oblem. Pathophysiology traces alcohol primarily on blood. Because alcohols are permeable to the cell membrane of the body, it can slowly diffuse to the bloodstream and causes blood-sludging of which blood vessels are being plug up while the tissues and oxygen of the body are being starve, thus causing cell death.Further breaking of the blood vessels and cell death causes malfunction of the system of the body causing excessive bleeding or hemorrhage, predisposing factor of cancer and lead story to death. Other effect of high concentration alcohol level on the blood is the depletion of red and snow-covered blood count which is the main component of the blood. Common blood disorders are anemia, bone marrow depression, and softness to fight infections.The commencement step in alcohol abuse treatment is detoxification. A doctor will give a prescription for one to have a high dose of medication for the first day of not drinking alcohol. In the succeeding days of the week, the patient will slowly decrease the dose of the medicine. The medicine usually reduces withdrawal symptoms A breathalyser may be used to swear that you are not drinking (http//www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/27000488/What is detoxification?). It is important for the patient to have the support of his family amidst his medication process in order for him to gain motivation and inspiration.In treating drug addicts, it is advised for them to undergo Cognitive behavior therapy. This gracious of therapy is also used in treating alcohol abuse. Many drugs and alcohol users are from a situation of hardships and problems in life. They find drugs and alcohol as coping mechanism. Cognitive behavior therapy is based on the idea that feelings and behaviors are caused by a persons thoughts, not on outside stimuli like people, situations and events (http//alcoholism.about.com/od/effect/The_Effects_of_Alcohol_and_Drugs.htm).In this kind of therapy, the therapist will make the patient recognized the situations an d reasons why he is taking drugs and alcohol. The first subject taught in this therapy is how to do away from situations like those and how they can cope with it. The Cognitive Therapy may lasts until 12 sessions or depending upon the progress of the patient. Again, family support is vital in the process of treatment.BIBLIOGRAPHYDunlap, M. P.. Biological Impacts Of Alcohol Use An Overview. Retrieved August 6, 2007 from http//www.oregoncounseling.org/ArticlesPapers/Documents/ETOHBIOFx.htmEffects of Alcohol on the Body. Retrieved August 6, 2007 fromhttp//www.therightmix.gov.au/pdfs/EffectsOnBody.pdfTeens Alcohol and other Drugs. Retrieved August 6, 2007 fromhttp//www.aacap.org/page.ww?section=Facts+for+Familiesname=Teens%3A+Alcohol+And+Other+DrugsAlcohol detoxification. Rtrieved August 8, 2007http//www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/27000488/What is detoxification?http//alcoholism.about.com/od/effect/The_Effects_of_Alcohol_and_Drugs.htm

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Social Media Marketing Impact on Consumer Behavior

genial Media Marketing Impact on Consumer BehaviorIn recent times, the term fond media has emerged as a catchall expression (Zarrella, 108). It is a new form of merchandising that concentrates on opening new horizons for marketers in determine to sanction a crossway or service. It differs from the stuffy media as it mainly emphasizes on consumer generated content rules (Zarrella, 109). It incorporates the habit of wide ranging applications that atomic number 18 based on Internet, which argon based on the Web 2.0 technology. Consumer behavior is an in-chief(postnominal) aspect of trade as it assists marketers to devise conceptive and robust selling strategies and techniques. For instance, organizations launch new products or services, which are generally bought by few customers in the initial phase and gradually, there is an sum up in the users.It is essential for an organization to devise a self-colored and robust merchandise strategy that would ensure commercial succe ss. The delight of initial consumers is dependent on the marketing strategy as their satisfaction and contentment would make an impact on the subsequent brand choices of the consumers. (Kim, Fiore, and Lee, 96) Today, organizations are employing complaisant media technique in order to change consumers behavior and to make headway their loyalty. The aim of this paper is to take the impact of friendly media marketing on consumer behavior in the lights of broad and diverse academic resources (Kim, Fiore, and Lee, 97).Overview friendly media marketing is the form of marketing which consists of internet based applications such as social networking sites, podcasts, blogs, microblogs, etc and have break down part of the marketing strategy in order to promote a product or service, ameliorate efficiency of the organization and to attain new customers. From research, it is evident that social media marketing has been adopted by opposite organization in order to target wider audience and to influence consumer behavior(Zarrella, 115).In the new era of marketing, organizations no longer depend on conventional forms of marketing in order to interact with the consumers. Similarly, consumers have causation the raise their voices and opinions. The contemporary consumer can voice his or her opinion in a louder and clear expressive style as he or she has access to Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites, microblogs, YouTube, etc. therefore, it has become necessary for companies to utilize social media marketing in order to change the dash they conduct their business. Social media marketing plays an important and significant determination in changing the buying behavior of the consumers. A study conducted by Kim, Fiore, and Lee , concentrated on studying the importance of social media marketing and its impact on consumer behavior (Kim, Fiore, and Lee, 99). The research demonstrated that much than fifty percent companies in the United States have adopted social media mar keting in order to target new markets and to win new customers. The same research revealed that more than seventy percent of the users employ social media in one form or another and it gave them the power and control to do things their way (Kim, Fiore, and Lee, 101).Study conducted by Chiang and Dholakia, concentrated on studying consumer behavior and social media marketing(Chiang and Dholakia, 177). For this purpose, three hundred participants were interviewed. 80 percent of the users agreed that social media made an impact on their purchase decision. The same study revealed that users of social media are most plausibly to trust social media more as compared to traditional form of product advertisement and promotion (Chiang and Dholakia, 179). This clearly demonstrates that social media marketing plays an important role in influencing the purchase decisions of the users and therefore, it is important the company employs a strong and robust social media marketing strategy in orde r to win the loyalties of the new customers.Koufaris, Kambil, and Labarbera conducted a study, in which two hundred marketers were surveyed. Sixty percent of the marketers had employed social media marketing in order target and win new customers (Koufaris, Kambil, and Labarbera, 115). Their study demonstrated that the connection between social media marketing and consumer behavior is directly proportional (Koufaris, Kambil, and Labarbera, 120). A strong, well planned and well structured social media marketing strategy to promote a particular product or service is most likely to win the attention of the consumer. Social media marketing changes and influences the buying behavior of the consumer. The same study demonstrated that the chances of recommending a brand or product by means of social media marketing is higher as compared to traditional forms of marketing (Koufaris, Kambil, and Labarbera, 125). The study demonstrated that more than sixty percent of Facebook fans show the possi bility of recommending the brand they use and more than fifty percent of the fans are most likely to buy the product.ConclusionSocial media marketing is the contemporary style of marketing as it concentrates on opening new horizons for marketers in order to promote a product or service as compared to conventional media. In recent times, consumer behavior and satisfaction has become an important asset for any organization to attain its position in the market and to increase its profitability. For this purpose, organizations are employing social media technique. From research, it is evident that companies are employing social media marketing in order to interact with the consumers. Social media marketing has given organizations a new way of dealing and changing the buying behavior of the consumers. reach CitedZarrella, Dan. The Social Media Marketing Book. OReilly Media, November 2009.Kim, Jihyun, Ann M. Fiore, and Hyun-Hwa Lee. Influences of online store perception, shopping enjoymen t, and shopping involvement on consumer patronage behavior towards an online retailer. ledger of Retailing and Consumer Services 14 (March 2007) 95-107.Chiang, Kuan-Pin and Ruby R. Dholakia. Factors Driving Consumer Intention to Shop Online An Empirical Investigation. Journal of Consumer psychological science 13 (2003) 177-183.Koufaris, Marios, Ajit Kambil, and Priscilla A. Labarbera. Consumer Behavior

Effect of Politics on Airlines and Breweries

nub of Politics on credit linelines and BreweriesThe Effect of Political Factors on the Airline Industry and the Brewing Industry, 2005Politics has a huge partake on all businesses, and the range of its influence is broad. Political factors include statutes which may be implemented because of a UK g overnment activityal decision or a decision in Europe, or by the UK cosmos a signatory to an international agreement. Other legislation arises in response to issues such as terrorist threats.Other policy-making influences include trade agreements, restrictions and opportunities arising from foreign governments policies or opposition groups in the form of political parties or crushure groups formed by the saloonlic to address specific issues, who may challenge, delay or obstruct government plans.This essay looks at the impact of recent political factors on the airline and create from raw material industries.The Airline IndustryIn a speech delivered in June 2005, Derek Twigg, the conveying Minister knocked out(p)lined build up on the Aviation White Paper. He recognised issues with capacity, particularly with recent increases in demand for affordable flights (Twigg 2005).A fifth terminal at Heathrow Airport is world constructed, and additional runways are planned at Stansted and Heathrow. However, there is opposition, focused on noise pollution, fuel pollution, the strain on roads and rail relate to airports, and the destruction of countryside to accommodate airport expansion. The governments pursuit of its policies depends, stated Twigg, on the ability to butt against strict environmental standards, and airlines increase expansion depends on successful implementation of these policies.Energy PolicyThe UK government has secured a commitment from airlines to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, but this will require enthronisation from the airlines. The industry must strike a balance, spending on initiatives to become more(prenominal) green in return for an infrastructure development policy from the government.TerrorismThe 9/11 terrorist attack on the US had immediate consequences, with a drop in demand. This has had particular impact in the US, where a spell of airlines gestate survived only because of Chapter 11 of US criminalisekruptcy laws, which allows continued trading with protection from creditors until profitability is achieved.United Airlines has been operating(a) under Chapter 11 for 3 divisions. Delta and Northwest are entering Chapter 11, and will probably follow a similar policy to United, focusing on international flights and disposing of smaller planes used for interior(prenominal) flights (Field 2005). They will indeed continue to compete in the international food commercialize with protection UK airlines would probably be forced out of business if they were to find themselves in a similar position.US anti-terror legislation requires foreign operators to undergo an analyze by the Federal Aviati on Administration, and to have a Part 129 Licence. Demand for transatlantic charters has been difficult to have-to doe with at times, due to more carriers not having the necessary authorisation (Wastnage 2005). Meeting new legislative demands has an frugal effect on businesses due to the additional financial and human resources required.Terrorist attacks in pass resorts are considered by galore(postnominal) to be a response to foreign policy, particularly that of the UK and US. Consumer response is to book a holiday in an area considered safe, rather than to forego the holiday altogether, suggesting that airlines carrying holidaymakers should consider a portfolio of varied destinations.The instability of the market due to international political relation has encouraged round airlines to carry out work through contractors (for example, Air Atlanta), who will provide aircraft and crew without the demand for the level of commitment required with an airlines receive staff and ai rcraft investment.The Influence of EuropeThe UK is required to adhere to European laws which may affect airlines. For example, UK legislation is being broadened to encompass an EC directive on Age Discrimination. From October 2006, one of its effects will be to criminalize forced retirement before age 65 unless it can be justified (www.agepositive.gov.uk). Current devote at British Airways is to retire pilots at 55 as many transfer to other airlines, it would look unjustified. Salaries are much higher for pilots with long service at BA and the effect of having to keep them rather than employing cheaper new pilots could affect profits.Iraq WarThe Iraq war has impacted on oil prices. It has been argued that the agenda behind the US/UK decision to go to war was oil-influenced, with the US increasingly reliant on Gulf oil and hence having a particular interest in control of oilfields in the region (Cable 2003).Airlines are particularly sensitive to changes in oil prices due to their large amount of fuel consumption, and all airlines have recently had to accept between reflecting rising fuel costs in ticket prices or accepting reduced profits. ball-shaped counterchangeThe BRIC nations Brazil, Russia, India and China are set to become more economically influential in feeler decades.China has recently removed the barriers to private airline companies. Domestic flights in China have increased by 20% over a year, which equates to 17,000 extra flights per month (Brown 2005), as planes replace trains as the favorite(a) method of domestic transport. This generates business for aeroplane manufacturers but places additional demands on the world oil supply. It is besides part of a larger trend of China engaging more with the global economy, with the consequence of boosting wealth and consumption among its population.The Brewing IndustryEnvironmental IssuesBrewing, as with airlines, is affected by green issues. In July 2005, the British Beer and Pub Association rep orted a continuing fall in the energy used to evoke a pint of beer to achieve double the industrys target, reducing CO2 emissions by 13.9% (www.beerandpub.com, press release 16/2005). Although reducing emissions requires investment, meeting targets qualifies the industry for a rebate on the Climate Change Levy.Changes in Student FundingThe bookman market is important to the brewing industry. Changes to student finances over the last 15 years have seen a switch from non-repayable grants to repayable loans to support study, with tuition fees added to student costs. This has not reduced student spending as might be expected. The average student spends 7000 per year and 70% of students have part-time jobs (Turner 2005). Debt is accepted as the norm to meet study and living costs, with a wide range of lending sources available. Money for drinking is hence readily available, and Reachstudents, an independent marketing consultancy, claims that 29% of student spending is on entertainment ( www.reachstudents.co.uk), including drinking.Extension of Licensing HoursThe UK Government has proposed extended licensing hours in England and Wales however, legislation is being opposed by the Conservatives and LibDems as well as medical bodies and organisations working to reduce alcohol problems. carrying out in November is threatened which could affect permissions granted for Christmas and New Year and reduce takings during the most paid trading period of the year (Wintour 2005).Smoking BanInitial plans to implement a fume ban only in pubs where food is served have been changed in favour of an outright ban on smoking in all pubs (e.g. Carr-Brown 2005).Spirit is the UKs largest pub chain and owns brands including Chef and Brewer. It suggests a gradual transition to pubs decent non-smoking, anticipating that an immediate implementation could result in 5000 pub closures and 75,000 job losses across all pub companies. The chain JD Wetherspoon has already begun introducing a comp lete ban on smoking in a number of its pubs. However, it has recently reported a 4% drop in profits, with an even higher figure of 7% among its non-smoking pubs (anon 2005).Binge drinkingBinge drinking is somewhat double-edged for the brewing industry. On the surface, the increase in drinking to excess would appear to bode well for brewing industry profits. However, drinking large volumes lots takes place in conjunction with drinks promotions, where lower prices mean a higher quantity must be consumed to give the same profit.JD Wetherspoon, responding to a recent drop in profits, suggested that the proliferation of debauch drinking was keeping many consumers away from town centres and pubs (Anon 2005).Government policy on binge drinking has been criticised for its reluctance to take more extreme measures (e.g Plant 2004) however, there is pressure on the government to take steps to tackle binge drinking and the consequences for the brewing industry are uncertain. Could it open up a more profitable market by creating a more pleasant drinking atmosphere, advance more people to drink clean? Or could the amount drunk in the UK drop significantly, or measures be too little to impact on the current situation?Fuel PricesThe brewing industry is affected by the increase in fuel prices caused in part by the Iraq conflict, discussed previously. Transport and distribution costs have been increased by the rise in fuel costs, and consumer spending is also impacted by increased petrol and diesel engine costs reducing disposable income.While world oil prices affect fuel costs to some extent, a far greater proportion of the cost of a litre of petrol or diesel is the tax both fuel duty and VAT which are set by the Chancellor domestic policy is having more effect than global oil price trends.ConclusionFrom the above, it can be seen that politics both in the UK and around the world impact on the airline and brewing industries in many different ways. While the industries ca n have some impact through lobbying the government, or by encouraging public support for industry-friendly policies, a significant proportion of political influences cannot be impacted by the industry, and capability threats and opportunities must therefore be addressed in each organisations business strategy.BibliographyAnon (2005) Wetherspoon presses on with no-smoking pubs (Press Association) in The Guardian folk 3 2005Brown C (2005) Air travel recovers to blossom forth its wings above 9/11 clouds in The Scotsman 11 April 2005Cable V (2003) Saddams other weapon of mass destruction the potential economic fallout from a war in Iraq (from January 2003 lecture) www.lse.ac.uk/collections/globalDimensions/research/vcable.htmCambridge Marketing College (1999) Marketing Operations (BPP Publishing, UK)Carr-Brown J (2005) Total ban on smoking in pubs and clubs a step nearer in The Sunday Times, 9 October 2005Diageo plc (2005) Press release 1 September 2005 Preliminary results for the ye ar ended 30 June 2005 at www.diageo.co.ukField D (2005) Delta and Northwest shelter from creditors in outflow International 20-26 September 2005 (Reed Businss Information, UK) p10Hall W (2005) British Drinking A Suitable circumstance for Treatment? Editorial in The British Medical Journal2005331527-528(10September)Meikle J (2005) Pub firm changes tack on smoking ban in The Guardian September 5 2005Plant M (2004) The alcohol upon reduction strategy for England in British Medical Journal 328 pp905-6 (17th April 2004)Turner S (2005) Drink in the Atmosphere in The Guardian, July 12 2005Twigg (2005) Speech on UK government aviation policy, 28 June, by Derek Twigg, Transport Minister www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_aviation/documents/page/dft_aviation_038580.hcspWastnage J (2005) Brokers split on effects of tighter US security in Flight International 13-19 September 2005 (Reed Businss Information, UK) p35Wintour P (2005) Minister cites support of police chiefs to head off licensing rebellion in The Guardian October 11 2005WebsitesBrewers continue to lead battle on emissions British Beer and Pub Association 28 July 2005 Download Ref 16/2005 www.beerandpub.com/download.asp?id_Doc=2121www.agepositive.gov.uk (Government website devoted to Age Discrimination Legislation issues).www.reachstudents.co.uk Student statistics and profile