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Computer, Internet, Privacy Essays - Pornography Law, Obscenity Law

Computer, Internet, Privacy Essays - Pornography Law, Obscenity Law Computer, Internet, Privacy INTERNET REGULATION: POLICING CYBERSPACE The Internet is a method of communication and a source of information that is becoming more popular among those who are interested in, and have the time to surf the information superhighway. The problem with this much information being accessible to this many people is that some of it is deemed inappropriate for minors. The government wants censorship, but a segment of the population does not. Legislative regulation of the Internet would be an appropriate function of the government. The Communications Decency Act is an amendment which prevents the information superhighway from becoming a computer "red light district." On June 14, 1995, by a vote of 84-16, the United States Senate passed the amendment. It is now being brought through the House of Representatives.1 The Internet is owned and operated by the government, which gives them the obligation to restrict the materials available through it. Though it appears to have sprung up overnight, the inspiration of free-spirited hackers, it in fact was born in Defense Department Cold War projects of the 1950s.2 The United States Government owns the Internet and has the responsibility to determine who uses it and how it is used. The government must control what information is accessible from its agencies. This material is not lawfully available through the mail or over the telephone, there is no valid reason these perverts should be allowed unimpeded on the Internet. Since our initiative, the industry has commendably advanced some blocking devices, but they are not a substitute for well-reasoned law.4 Because the Internet has become one of the biggest sources of information in this world, legislative safeguards are imperative. The government gives citizens the privilege of using the Internet, but it has never given them the right to use it. They seem to rationalize that the framers of the constitution planned & plotted at great length to make certain that above all else, the profiteering pornographer, the pervert and the pedophile must be free to practice their pursuits in the presence of children on a taxpayer created and subsidized computer network.3 People like this are the ones in the wrong. Taxpayer's dollars are being spent bringing obscene text and graphics into the homes of people all over the world. The government must take control to prevent pornographers from using the Internet however they see fit because they are breaking laws that have existed for years. Cyberpunks, those most popularly associated with the Internet, are members of a rebellious society that are polluting these networks with information containing pornography, racism, and other forms of explicit information. When they start rooting around for a crime, new cybercops are entering a pretty unfriendly environment. Cyberspace, especially the Internet, is full of those who embrace a frontier culture that is hostile to authority and fearful that any intrusions of police or government will destroy their self-regulating world.5 The self-regulating environment desired by the cyberpunks is an opportunity to do whatever they want. The Communications Decency Act is an attempt on part of the government to control their "free attitude" displayed in homepages such as "Sex, Adult Pictures, X-Rated Porn", "Hot Sleazy Pictures (Cum again + again)" and "sex, sex, sex. heck, it's better even better than real sex"6. "What we are doing is simply making the same laws, held constitutional time and time again by the courts with regard to obscenity and indecency through the mail and telephones, applicable to the Internet."7 To keep these kinds of pictures off home computers, the government must control information on the Internet, just as it controls obscenity through the mail or on the phone. Legislative regulations must be made to control information on the Internet because the displaying or distribution of obscene material is illegal. The courts have generally held that obscenity is illegal under all circumstances for all ages, while "indecency" is generally allowable to adults, but that laws protecting children from this "lesser" form are acceptable. It's called protecting those among us who are children from the vagrancies of adults.8 The constitution of the United States has set regulations to determine what is categorized as obscenity and what is not. In Miller vs. California, 413 U.S. at 24-25, the court announced its "Miller Test" and held, at 29, that its three part test constituted "concrete guidelines to isolate 'hard core' pornography from expression protected by the First Amendment.9 By laws previously set by the government, obscene pornography should not be accessible on the Internet. The government must police the Internet because people are breaking laws. "Right now, cyberspace is like a neighborhood without a police department."10 Currently anyone can put anything he wants on the Internet with no penalties. "The Communications Decency Act gives law enforcement new tools to prosecute those who would use a computer to

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History of Parle G Essay Example

History of Parle G Essay Example History of Parle G Essay History of Parle G Essay They are an upcoming store with excellent growth Premiums Words Pages Hp Company Soot Analysis Hewlett-Packard S I Analysis strengths Hewlett-Packard Is a global technology company and after its merger with Compact it became worlds biggest computer hardware and peripherals company in the world, ranking 20 in the Fortune 500 list. Company is doing business in more then 170 country Premiums Words Pages SOOT Analysis By Anthony C. Danna What is SOOT Analysis? SOOT analysis is a basic, straightforward model that provides direction and serves as a basis for the development of marketing plans. It accomplishes this by assessing an organizations strengths (what an organization can do) and weaknesses Premium Words Pages Toyota Soot SOOT Analysis Toyota Strengths New investment by Toyota in factories in the US and China saw 2005 profits rise, against the worldwide motor industry trend. Net profits rose 0. 8% to 1. 17 trillion yen ($1 1 bon; EH. Bon), while sales were 7. 3% higher at 18. 55 trillion yen. Commentators ar

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Poverty in Black America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Poverty in Black America - Research Paper Example Out of 40 million, 10.7 million blacks live in poverty (27.4%). A total of 54.6 % of all blacks live in single mother homes. (Black Poverty).1 2. American Black community is not only poor by American standards; rather many amongst them touch â€Å"third world† poor status. In USA official unemployment rate is 4.4% whereas official unemployment rate for blacks is 10% .Approximately a million black children in USA are living below poverty line. (Phillip).2 3. Poverty brings other associated problems. Either poverty causes these problems or these problems cause poverty. The problems include poor education standards, broken family structure, violence, high crime rate, mass unemployment, poor living standards and housing, poor health, friction in communities and low contribution towards economy etc. 4. Higher education is considered essential in upgrading the standard of life. However with poor economic status, black families are unable to afford college education and postgraduate studies. The frustrated youth is therefore divulged towards depression, uncertainty, frustration, drugs and crime. 5. Consistently black students in schools have not performed well. According to Carter (Carter) â€Å"so many decades have passed since 1954 Brown decision however many people are still intrigued by the (under) performance of Black Students in Americas schools†3 . In schools these students remain in groups. These groups often fight each other to gain dominance. Masculine image amongst black boys is a very dominant concept. The past association with slavery also haunts quite a few black youngsters. There is another impression amongst black students according to which a student involved in studies is not received well amongst the peers. When impact of all these factors is combined it results into distraction from studies and poor results and failure in life later on. 6. There has been a factor of racism as well in few schools where black students have been labeled naturally â€Å"dumb†. There has been a feedback from teachers according to which white teachers did not feel comfortable in the company of black students. Unfortunately negative indicators in school life do not point towards bright future of black students. 7. Lack of role models is often cited as a reason for blacks not doing well in many fields specially education. There is a general impression that blacks are not good at studies however they are good in sports and music. However it is considered a wrong argument. Black sportsmen and music celebrities are very few in number. The lifestyles and wealth these celebrities enjoy create a false impression amongst blacks, due to which, black youngsters dream of becoming music or sports stars, through some sort of shortcut in life. The results in real life are far different than dreams. 8. Thirteenth amendment to US constitution was passed in December 1865, according to which slavery was abolished in USA. The country was not stabl e in that era and southern states continued with practices similar to slavery however union army was limited and could not protect ex-slaves. Few states passed â€Å"black codes† according to which unemployed blacks could be arrested and fined .Prisoners that were unable to pay fines could be used as slaves. Blacks were not allowed to buy land and were denied fair wages for work. 9. After the civil war

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Lesson 6 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lesson 6 - Assignment Example Other roles carried out by a case manager involves patients referral, delivery of healthcare, adjustment and evaluation of results for every patient and most importantly evaluating the entire health program effectiveness by making adjustments to the health program. Coordinate and arrange for special services: It is the duty of case managers to evaluation cases that require specialist attention and refer them accordingly. This ensures patients with complicated conditions are examined and treated by medical practitioners of a given specialty. Negotiating rates: It is the function of a case manager to negotiate rates with clients. Different cases are managed at varied rates and in application of a win to win situation between a client and a hospital, the case manager represents the hospital in negotiating the most appropriate rate (Finkelman, 2001). Collaboration and negotiation: A case manager primary role involves facilitating client recipient of services. In order to effectively perform this task, a case manager must establish a cooperative relationship with all people. Self-determination and ability to make choices: According to Edlin (2002), similar to other people, a case manager should possess the ability to make their own choices with regard to life decisions and as far as case management models are concerned. Clinical studies gathered about a patient should be set in an individualized context. A health practitioner must clearly understand the patient’s background, how such information impacts on the problem at hand and the reasons as to why a patient is seeking help at that given time(Jesitus, 2001). In this regard, such contextual details requires enquiry into patients complains, past admissions and readmissions within a span of four weeks, past cases of drug usage, family history, past medical history and personal and family history among others. Family history: This

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Blood Brothers Essay Example for Free

Blood Brothers Essay In the three plays I have read by Willy Russell, all of them are linked by the fact that they all contain an aspect of social inequality. Russell uses humour in all these plays to show serious messages, mostly through stereotypes. In every play there are two very contrasting social groups, each figure-headed by certain characters in the stories. For example, in Blood Brothers, Mickey figureheads the working class society like Rita does in Educating Rita, and the children do in Our Day Out. Whereas Eddie figureheads the middle class society in Blood Brothers, Frank does in Educating Rita, and Mr. Briggs does in Our Day Out. We found that the people from the working class backgrounds were all very broad scoucers, who tended to use slang words such as ciggie and chippie. They were what you would call a very typical stereotype of a broad liverpudlian. Most of them had problems aswell. For instance, Mickey in Blood Brothers has family problems because he has many older siblings which means he gets a lot of hand-me-down clothes and gets bullied by his older brother Sammy who breaks his toys. Rita in Educating Rita has many conflicts with her husband Denny who doesnt want her to carry on with her tuition from Frank. She wants to be educated so that she can have choices. As the play progresses and Rita becomes more educated she begins to make her own decisions, she moves out of her house, ends her relationship with Denny and says I might even have a baby The people from the middle class backgrounds however were made to look rather different. Eddie in Blood Brothers doesnt have to share his toys with brothers or sisters like Mickey does, and his mother doesnt have to worry about financial problems because they have quite a lot of money. The men that were from the middle class backgrounds (Mr. Briggs and Frank) both wore suits and seemed to be well educated, living a comfortable lifestyle. This society of people in the stories tended to speak more formally using words such as What in the world is being off ones cake? Eddie is brought up to speak correctly and not use colloquialisms. In Blood Brothers Micky asks him what a dictionary is and Eddie replies It is a book which tells you the meaning of words. I think Russell makes the social classes seem so very different to one another in each play, so that when they come together there is a lot of humour, but also a lot of tension between them because neither social class really understand each other. This forms a rich and poor type of scenario for all three plays. In Educating Rita Frank is a rich lecturer and Rita is a poor university student who has bad problems with her husband at home. In Our Day Out there is a similar contrast between Mr. Briggs the, well-spoken teacher, and the children who come from a poor, run-down area. These rich and poor scenarios are serious messages that Russell conveys in all three plays. Interestingly enough though, it is the people from the middle class backgrounds that turn out to be the most strange of the two societies. Frank in Educating Rita has a drink addiction, yet has a comfortable lifestyle and is on a stable income. Mr. Briggs doesnt like the children at the school where he works because they are less fortunate than himself, he says most of them were rejects on the day they were born. Eddies adopted mother in Blood Brothers, Mrs. Lyons, is supersticious and unhappy. Quote: The shoes! The shoes! On the table! Get them off! Get them off! Frank and Mr. Briggs are in many ways the same, they both wear suits and dress smartly, they both have similar lifestyles and they both have some sort of problem (i. e. the drink and the hatred for people less fortunate than him). This is where I think that Blood Brothers is different, it doesnt contain a male character as old as Frank or Mr. Briggs who appears often in the story. Whereas the conversations between adult and youth in the other stories are mainly comical, like in Our Day Out when the two lads are caught smoking at the back of the bus, in Blood Brothers they are more intense. I think Blood Brothers on the whole is more intense. In Blood Brothers Russell uses a narrator drifting in and out of the play at certain times, saying daunting things about the scene that has just happened, or is going to happen. I believe this represents the devil and is a good way of creating an eerie tension, because he moves to different places on the stage in the play, and you never see his whole face or body, he is always in the shadows. There are no narrators in the two other plays but dramatic devices also take on the form of dramatic irony. In Blood Brothers this is shown by the two twins not knowing they are twins, when they first become friends. Later in the story when they find out they were born on the same day That means we can be blood brothers the audience can see what is happening, they are going to eventually find out that they are real brothers, and there will be a big disaster because of this. Our Day Out shows dramatic irony when the bus driver is told the children cant afford sweets or lemonade lemonade never touches their lips but when the driver turns around they all are munching on chocolate bars! Later on their journey the bus stops at a sweet shop and the audience sees the shopkeepers talking about raising the prices of the goods in their shop Can I help inflation? The audience now know that the shopkeepers are going to raise their prices, but the children dont. The children get their revenge for being ripped off. They all squeeze into the shop and each time the shopkeepers turn their backs to collect more sweets from the shelves, the kids pocket anything in front of them. The two shopkeepers are oblivious to the stealing taking place until the coach leaves and they realise no money from the till has changed hands Thievin little bastards! shouts one of the shopkeepers. Russell also uses the influence of song in Blood Brothers and Our Day Out to show the mood and feelings of the characters as the play progresses. At the beginning of Blood Brothers Mrs. Johnston is seen dancing in a pub singing a song with the lines Oh we went dancing. in the chorus. As the play continues she occasionally sings this line but at a tempo which reflects the mood of the play itself. In Our Day Out the songs are cheerful and uplifting Were off, were off, were off in a motor car. The themes of the three plays are all linked in many ways. As I have said before, social inequality connects all three, another is the fact they are all set in and around Liverpool with some of the characters in each play speaking with a very broad Liverpudlian accent. Finally, the last one is that they all contain an aspect concerning death. I. e. In Blood Brothers, Mickey and Eddie, in Educating Rita, Ritas flatmate tries to commit suicide, and in Our Day Out one of the pupils called Carol also attempts to kill herself Try an get me an Ill jump over. I believe that Willy Russell features the aspects of social inequality, hatred, death, abuse, love, irony and humour in each play because he knows they have a hard-hitting impact on the audience. Also I think it is because at some time in his life he has been affected significantly by them and so, involves them in something which he can express his feelings and emotions at. Writing.

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Patriot Act Essay -- Politics Foreign Affairs Safety Terrorism Essays

Patriot Act "We're dealing with terrorists who operate by highly sophisticated methods and technologies, some of which were not even available when our existing laws were written. The bill before me accounts for the new realities and dangers posed by modern terrorists. It will help law enforcement to identify, dismantle, disrupt, and punish terrorists before they strike," (President George W. Bush at signing of Patriot Act, 2001). The terrorists of today cannot be reasoned with. We must do whatever necessary to ensure that there never will be another September 11th. Since the enactment of the Patriot Act, there have not been any major acts of terrorism committed on U.S. soil. If the Act had been established earlier, perhaps the tragedy of September 11th would have been prevented. The Patriot Act has applied common sense knowledge and resources to law enforcement, making it easier for them to seize terrorists before they strike. The Patriot Act, however, has stirred up controversies amongst those who believe it to be a violation of our civil liberties. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) argues that the Patriot Act not only fails to make us a safer nation, but also a less free one. They believe that it does not uphold our fundamental rights and freedoms. They want Congress to limit the sharing of information through wiretapping between the government, so as to preserve their privacy. The ACLU also believes the F.B.I., has been given too long a leash, that the Patriot Act has overstepped its boundaries. The ACLU has issued eighteen sheets, written dozens of letters to Congress and the Bush administration, and made hundreds of TV and radio appearances, calling on Congress to "defend the fundamental rights and freedoms that distinguish us from repressive societies in other parts of the world." The Patriot Act, however, violates none of these liberties and is a key source in protecting our freedom. If we do not fight back against terrorists who want to take over this land, we will be no different from other repressed societies. It is our determination and strength that has set us apart from the rest of the world. The attack on September 11th stirred up a desire in Americans to want to protect and defend this nation. The Patriot Act is a tool for defending our fundamental rights and freedoms from and enemy who will show no mercy. Terrorists are e... ...make the provisions of the Patriot Act more permanent and secure. We have let the terrorists go far beyond our reach. They are now embedded into all sections of our cultures. We can trust no one and must do whatever necessary to ensure that there will never be another event like September 11th. The actions we take today will affect who we are tomorrow. What we so now will form the future of this nation. The religion of the terrorists is to destroy Americans for a greater reward in their heaven. They are relentless and will stop at nothing. We, therefore, must always be vigilant and on guard, and support the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act lets us rest assured that future generations will live in a safe and free world. Works Cited: ACLU of Northern California. (Online) Available February 23,2003 National ACLU. (Online) Available, December 17,2002. President Bush's remarks on signing USA-Patriot Act. (Online) Available, December, 2001. U.S Department of Justice. (Online) Available, October 25,2001

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Regional Connectivity

Though this reticular Issue has somehow reduced the limelight of proposed â€Å"Aslant Highway; but It Is something that represents even bigger prospect for Bangladesh as the road connecting 23 countries through proposed Asian Highway network. The proposed deep sea port is also opening up the prospect of connectivity as it might be accessible for whole region. Neighboring countries like Sardinia has created a deep sea port in recent times and so far it has been a success story. That might prompt Bangladesh to push this plan forward. By utilizing these opportunity eloquently Bangladesh might turn Into a hub of connectivity.But It's a country that Is suffering to construct necessary infrastructure for the internal demand. In this situation if given access of connectivity then it will be worse and might cause a negative impact. So, the necessary infrastructure should be build before giving any such access. What is the ultimate benefit of connectivity? How one can resolve the issue of S overeignty vs. Connectivity? Will the extended connectivity result In an expansion of drug trafficking and Illegal trade? These are some questions which ultimately come Into play. Many uses this Issues as an argument against connectivity.It is unlikely to enjoy benefit only through a policy. Especially when it comes about the question of issues like this one got to take all the aspects into consideration. Connectivity and development In this era of globalization the world is more connected then before. Day by day this connectivity is increasing more and more. Now a day it's quite impossible for the states to take alienated policy. Today we see ideology is playing trivial role then It played before. Today International system Is moving on the three fast highways of globalization, liberalizing and vaporization In a unpopular world.Economic development seems to be the common goal of every nation. This commonality has made it possible for the states to become physically connected throug h the flow of – people and trade. That's why the idea of â€Å"interconnected world† is getting more and more voice. Even States that have traditionally been sovereignty sensitive, at least in terms of Integrating themselves through roads, today, are trying to negotiate multilateral economic arrangements that Include transit and transportation across their national boundaries But this interconnectivity is not purely interconnected.As it's the connectivity driven by interest so countries that have common interests or the egging which represents more opportunity are the one to be connected or willing to establish connectivity. As a result regional connectivity is becoming more fashionable. E is a perfect example. Following the success of E regional organizations and regional connectivity Is getting stronger. Also countries are more higher investment in public infrastructure brings invariably in its wake economic prosperity and improved quality of life.It's also used as a remedy of eradicating inequality which has emerged as a threat of the present time. The improved transport facilities impact through faster mobility of labor, materials, and gods, in hat way reducing transport costs as well as saving time for further engagements. Transport cost is an important determinant of competitiveness, making an integrated and capable transport networks an essential element of the enabling environment for economic integration at any level.The provision of physical infrastructure in the form of an integrated transport network is essential, but not a major condition in itself for efficient and effective international movement. It is necessary to have adequate facilitation measures to address all the non-physical barriers so that goods, icicles and people can move freely across international borders. Bangladesh prospect as a hub of connectivity: Location and gee-spatial reality: Bangladesh is a country which is virtually â€Å"India locked†. So, the geogr aphical point of view it apparently seems to be a disadvantage for her.But it has many geographical advantages. The access of Bay of Bengal , and through to the wider open seas and to the sea routes towards the strategically important regions such as East and Southeast Asia, on the one hand , and West Asia and the Middle East on the other. This geographical and location can be utilized by Bangladesh for her own benefit. That's the reason why a deep sea port or the modernization of Chitchatting sea port can have a better prospect it can be both economically beneficiary and strategically an important point. Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan are landlocked countries in this region.Bangladesh can benefit tremendously through opening up transit and great opportunities for crossing from east to west and giving the land-locked neighbors access to the sea. But it's not given proper attention like the issue related transit. As said earlier Bangladesh is virtually an â€Å"India locked† co untry; so it's almost impossible o improve connectivity excluding India. It has massive territorial depth and the biggest democratic country. India over the years has made massive progress and it's the regional super power. So, when we talk about the country that comes first is India.But India has some vulnerability that can be used in favor of Bangladesh. Bangladesh occupies an important strategic position for India. Slinger Corridor is the only access of the North Eastern state which separates Nepal from Bangladesh only by a few miles. During Indo-China war this situation became more eminent. This vulnerability is still present. Right now, anything produced in that region can't be marketed in the rest of India, due to the distance from port (Kola). From past decade, India is becoming more dependent on foreign and private investments in growth picture.But, no company will want to invest in this remote corner of the Northeast, because of the logistical problems of Sevens Sisters lin king in with the rest of India. So the only real economic future of Northeast lies in reopening its route through Bangladesh to its West and with Manner and South-East Asia to the East. For additional benefit, if they are allowed to use a Bangladesh port, the export oriented business can also come up in this region. The region is rich in energy resources, like natural gas and hydro-electricity.The economic progress in this region recent times has increased greatly and has become a real headache for the Indian government. It's now creating a threat for national integrity. It's obvious that the insurgency is not going to stop until a drastic economic development take place. But Indian government is finding it hard without the access of Bangladesh. Many in India perceived Bangladesh as an â€Å"economic bridge† between Indian's north-eastern states and the rest of the country. For India, it makes extremely good economic sense to be able to use a corridor to its northeastern stat es.It would spare them constructing a long and tortuous road through hostile territory, infested with insurgents of many hues. It had been estimated – in the ‘ass – that construction of new tracks would cost RSI. 2 core per kilometer. It would cost many times more that amount now. For India, access through Bangladesh makes extremely good economic sense to be able to use a corridor to its northeastern states. India has to across Kim to passage its goods & passengers from its mainland to its north-eastern dates, which is expensive & time consuming as well as inefficient in economic sense.If Bangladesh allows transit, India will require to across only km to complete same job. The Chitchatting port can become a modern busy port like Singapore serving the SCARS countries and even China. Huge foreign investment may be attracted to Bangladesh and finally a throbbing service sector like banks, insurance, hotels, rest houses, petrol pumps etc. May develop around the Tarn' s continental roads and railways. There is an estimate of direct economic gain from transit fees. It ranges from 500 core take to 4,666 core take. The last but not the least, is the mutual transit.Bangladesh, in return, will get a much shorter route to China, which already is its second largest trading partner. Unfortunately, most of the trading nowadays takes place through sea-route. The cost of import increases, as well as Bangladesh goods loose competitiveness in Chinese market. If Bangladesh wants to access South Chinese underdeveloped market, they must go through India. This was a point of concern for the Chinese delegates during Gumming initiative in 1999, an initiative to link Chinese province of Yuan with Seven Sisters of India, Manner, Thailand and Bangladesh.Better Co-operations for Connectivity South Asia inherited an integrated transport infrastructure from the British. This was fractured not only by the partition of India but by its political aftermath. The transport ne twork still continue to remain fragmented due to various historical, political and economic reasons which needs to be rebuilt within the context of greater political harmony in South Asia. The transport system of the main land countries of South Asia has developed only in a national context with little consideration given to cross border issues of compatibility, uniformity of standards in infrastructure and equipment design.It is felt that for socio-economic development if South Sais's intra-regional trade is to grow rapidly, among others, this will require integration of the transport infrastructure of the region. This calls for cooperation in the strengthening of transportation, transit and connectivity across the region, including harmonistic of standards and simplification of customs procedures and other similar trade facilitation initiatives to minimize the non-physical trade barriers in support of investment in the transport infrastructure.The decisions of Islamabad SCARS oper ation in a number of areas including strengthening transport, transit and communication links/connectivity across the region. Recognizing the importance of transport integration in South Asia, SCARS initiated the SCARS Regional Multimode Transport Study (SORTS) with the main objective of enhancing multi-modal transport connectivity among SCARS member states, so as to promote intra-regional trade. Since then the issue of connectivity has been the highlighting issue in every SCARS summit.Though the countries of this region have many things in common and there re better prospect of development through the process of connectivity; but it's the most poorly connected part of the world. For example – Bangladesh products constituted only 0. 5 percent (approximately) of total Indian imports. Indian's informal and formal exports to Bangladesh stand at around $5 billion dollars while Bangladesh exports are about $ 358 million during the financial year of 2007-08. This shows the poor con dition of connectivity.Also the imbalanced situation is eminent of trade between the small country (Bangladesh) and big country (India). As aid earlier Bangladesh has a territorial advantage and India is pushing hard for the access of transport from mainland India to North-East India. So, Bangladesh can use this opportunity to gain economical balance and also to resolve her unresolved issues. One of the main obstacles for regional connectivity is the hostile relation between India and Pakistan. This hostility has made the SCARS ineffective. They are the two big powers in this region.Both of them have nuclear weapon and plays important role in the world politics. Especially India is moving fast as a regional power and also as a world power. So no progress can be made without the improvement of these two nations. Though over the years little progress has been made, but we see a kind of rational approaches from both the parties in recent time. For example-After the recent Bomb attack i n Bombay Indian unlike the previous incident did not blame Pakistan took cautious attitude . Pakistan on the other hand immediately after the attack expressed deep sympathy about the incident.Both the parties have expressed hope about continuing the ongoing peace process. This shows that they are serious about the issue and if in the future these co-operative environment progress then surely connectivity will increase in this region. Trading in transport connectivity with neighboring countries could reduce trade deficit. It is crucial to understand clearly that these transport connectivity will have no market elsewhere outside this sub-region and that these opportunities of trading in transport services may not continue long.It is also important for the sub-regional countries to recognize that no country other than Bangladesh can provide these transport connectivity and services. Issues to tackle: Politics of regional connectivity Though it's an issue which is a part of foreign poli cy, closely interlinked with economic policy, but political relation can't be separated from economic and foreign relation. It has been seen that in most case progression has been from close political relations to the deepening of economic relations.Political relationships that are not characterized by mistrust or suspicion allow first steps in economic relationship which would then expand and generate vigorous inter-state economic activities. But unfortunately this has not been the case with us. Our political culture is marked by tit India exploited by both the political parties as a political agenda. We see a lack of proper planning or commitment on the question of connectivity. All the major aspects such as-Asian Highway, Transit with china or even the Deep sea port there is clear distinction among the political parties and also among the people.Security The issue of security is closely linked with the issue of connectivity. The fear that connectivity will increase security threa t is not without basic. The north eastern region of India is a war prone area. Here the most powerful Indian forces are failing to maintain stable situation. The threat of ALFA and Moist insurgency can poise real problem for us. Also in the region of Manner there are rebel forces fighting against the Junta government. Also the religious extremist groups may misuse the connectivity. So, the security threat should be taken into consideration.Lack of infrastructure The road and ports of Bangladesh could get overcrowded, thus resulting in poor efficiency in domestic industries. Keeping in view the benefits, it seems the above mentioned risks are too small, from economic perspective. But, a country is not made up of its economy only; it has its political, ideological and popular faces also. To sum up the whole condition, Bangladesh currently does not allow grater connectivity because of non-economic reasons. Lack of co-operation from Big Brother As we all know India at present stage has huge economic advantage with all the countries of this region.The reason that she is pushing hard for transit is mainly for her own stake. India doesn't want to allow Bangladesh to have land route with Nepal and Bhutan which is purely for trade purpose, India shows the excuse that it goes against its territorial integrity, using the same logic Bangladesh cannot allow transit. The proposed Asian Highway route provides transit rights to India through Bangladesh because both the entry and exit are with India from Bangladesh. Bangladesh government is naturally concerned about it without reciprocal transit rights from India.It seems that this is a misplaced concern in view of the fact that at the Dacha SCARS Summit, Indian's Prime Minister made it clear that India was agreeable to provide transit rights to SCARS countries. But India is not interested to progress over the issue. The Indian proposal is not a transit facility; it is a â€Å"corridor facility† which is internationally discouraged. As said earlier Bangladesh already has huge trade deficit with India. So allowing India the access on bilateral basic has little chance through which we can get benefited.There are many unresolved issues on which India over the years has shown little interest. The worst act was the Freak barrage. Bandstand's trust in India was not honored properly. We are suffering from less supply of Ganges water than committed. BBS are killing Bangladesh without adequate reasons. Maritime boundaries need to be finalized, issues like Tailgate, demarcation of 6. Skims borders, stoppage of push-in, and Bangladesh-Nepal ND Bangladesh-Bhutan corridors can be solved without much difficulty.But in the process of connectivity mutual co-operation and trust is the key and it should be formulated through a win-win situation. Connectivity should be implemented in such a way so that all the parties can get the benefit. Conclusion: â€Å"Connectivity is the key' a popular dialogue of the present time. Day by day world is getting smaller through the advancement of globalization and technological connectivity. Singapore is a perfect example of connectivity and progress. â€Å"Connectivity' has worked as the key for them as key in real sense. The success story of E.IS is the perfect example of regional connectivity. This connectivity has been a trademark for the European countries. South-Asia is one of the poorest regions of the world. Being the part of world's most poorly connected region, one can obviously say that there are prospects for development through connectivity. As Bangladesh has certain benefits and strategically constitutes an important position so the connectivity can provide greater opportunity for us. But creation of a win-win situation is what that can ensure better progress and ensures equal opportunity for all countries.

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Improved and reliable car technology Essay

This means it is much more appealing to travel, maybe to further places on the motorway network as it is so easy. This has an impact on travel and tourism as more people are willing to travel. Air Travel.   Dr. Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle are both recognized as being the co-inventors of the jet engine. Each worked separately and knew nothing of the other’s work. Hans von Ohain is considered the designer of the first operational turbojet engine. Frank Whittle was the first to register a patent for the turbojet engine in 1930. Hans von Ohain was granted a patent for his turbojet engine in 1936. However, Hans von Ohain’s jet was the first to fly in 1939. Frank Whittle’s jet first flew in 1941.   The development of pressurised cabins meant that there was a supply of air which then they could fly higher and get out of the troposphere where all the weather conditions affected the flight. As without the pressurised cabin, flights couldn’t go above in to the stratosphere, into the thin air as there would be no air supply. This meant flights are more enjoyable and quicker, therefore more appealing to the public. Aircrafts can now reach heights of 30,000- 40,000 ft, whereas they could only reach heights of 15,000 ft. The Boeing 747, also popularly known as the jumbo jet, is the second largest passenger airliner after Airbus A380, but it remains the largest aircraft in commercial service. The 747 was born out of the explosion of the popularity of air travel in the 1960s. The enormous popularity of the Boeing 707 had revolutionised long distance travel in the world, and had began the concept of the global travel made possible by the jet revolution. The original design was a full length double decker. However, following issues with proposed evacuation routes, this idea was scrapped in favour of a wide-body design. Concorde 001 took off for the first test flight from Toulouse on March 2nd 1969 and the first supersonic flight followed on October 1st. As the flight program of the first development aircraft progressed as planned, 001 started off on a sales and demonstration tour beginning on September 4th 1971. Not until June 2nd 1972 did Concorde 002 follow suit with a sales tour of the Middle and Far East. Concorde 002 made the first visit to the United States in 1973, landing at the new Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to commemorate its opening. Technological features. Many technological features common in the early 21st century airliners were first used in Concorde For speed optimization, Concorde featured:   Double-delta shaped wings   Thrust-by-wire engines, ancestor of today’s FADEC controlled engines.   Droop nose section for good landing visibility For weight-saving and enhanced performance, Concorde featured:   Fully electrically controlled analogue fly-by-wire flight controls systems. I got this picture from: http://www. nationmaster. com/encyclopedia/Concorde * Computerised checking-in and baggage handling also makes going on holiday so much easier and more appealing for people to go on holiday. This therefore has an impact on travel and tourism as people are more willing and confident to go on holiday as everything is so much quicker and easier.   Sophisticated air traffic control makes going on a plane even safer as technological developments have vastly improved. This therefore gives people more confidence in flying and therefore more people do. I got this table from: http://www. air-quality-management. co. uk   This table shows how the quantity of people using air travel has increased since 1970. It has predicted the amount of passengers from 2010 to 2030. It also shows an increase. This is because it is becoming more popular to fly and as it is more comfortable, entertainment on the flight and it’s much quicker which makes it so much more appealing to fly. * The growth of regional airports has also increased due to the amount of people wanting to travel abroad. Airports have many facilities which make it easier for the public. There are monorails and coaches to the airport from the car parks that make it so much more accessible to get the airport. This is why the travel and tourism industry is increasing as everything including the facilities and ability to travel is much more efficient and easier. Conclusion. The impact air travel has had on the travel and tourism industry is significant. This is because since the 2nd world war planes have become bigger as so they can hold more people making flights cheaper. This means more people can afford to go on holiday to far destinations and also have the better quality journey. Therefore air travel has affected travel and tourism greatly. Sea Travel. * Sea travel has changed since the 2nd world war from the main form of global passenger transport to shorter-journey car ferries and cruises. This is because people use to go on a ferry to America because flying was very uncomfortable as technology was only developing. But when the jet engine and pressurised cabin were developed the need to go on the ferry was decreased as people could fly over instead, taking less time. This meant the ferry was not needed and so it became a cruise instead of like a `bus service`. * Ferries have become more popular due to the capacity of people they can get on them. This means that prices are reduced so it is more affordable for more people. Also as car ownership has increased the need for ferries which can hold cars is more important. The ferries such as the sea France Rodin and the Brittany ferries are good examples in which can take vehicles and loads to destinations. Each route has been specifically designed to save drivers large amounts of time and mileage, making us the logical choice of the professional. I got this picture and map from: http://www. brittanyferriesfreight. co. uk/ These are the offers Brittany Ferries include: Direct and cost-effective routes   More mileage-saving departure ports and destinations   A personal service offering individually tailored solutions. From abnormal loads to small vans Top quality food and on-board facilities This map shows where the ferry travels to. The wide choice of sailings enables people to choose the port most convenient for them, keeping driving to a minimum. The arrival ports also offer easy access to the major road networks in France and Spain, making driving on the continent easier. Ro-Ro ferries are the idea in which you take your vehicle onto the ferry and then when you get to the destination you can just `roll off`. This made it much easier and convenient as it’s a simple concept to use. Sir Christopher Cockerell was the inventor of the hovercraft in 1956. The hovercraft could carry twice as many passengers and vehicles, but this meant it was slower. The hover craft was replaced by the invention of the sea-cats. The sea cat would as it gets faster lift making the journey quicker. Compared to conventional ferries, the sea cat fleet of smaller, faster vessels results in fast loading and unloading – coupled with the fact that all of the cross-Channel services are run from dedicated ports, makes travelling on the sea cat fast and hassle free experience. I got this picture from Google search on images under `sea cats`.   An issue which meant Health and Safety issues were considered was the landmark disaster of the Herald of free Enterprise. It capsized in the approaches to the Belgian port of Zeebrugge en route to Dover in England at 7. 05pm local time on March 6, 1987. At least 150 passengers and 38 members of the crew lost their lives, most inside the ship, from hypothermia, in the frigid water. The bow doors had been left open after departure and water flooded the car decks. The tragedy led to new safety regulations in the British ferry Industry. Conclusion. Sea travel has dramatically improved over the years since the 2nd world war where both the journey and safety wasn’t good enough. Now ferries are very much more appealing to the public and offer a wide range of services. This means the public can Computerised Booking Systems. Before there was a computerised booking system, travel agents used to work with wall charts. On these charts they had lists of available different resorts and airlines. People had to write out tickets which weren’t very efficient. Today travel agents have a 1/4 of a million pounds worth of computer systems which they can use the website to gather useful information, quickly and efficiently. The technology also means travel agents such as Sunvil can make databases of their customer’s history in holidays. Another recent technology that has helped to increase the efficiency of booking a holiday is a global distribution system. This consists of a speedy dedicated-line access, a huge database of details including accommodation, travel, hotels and car hire. It is also global. This means the sales process is easier and more efficient. Global distribution Systems include: Worldspan. Worldspan provides worldwide electronic distribution of travel information, Internet products and connectivity, and e-commerce capabilities for travel agencies, travel service providers, and corporations.   Worldspan system provides approximately 16,000 travel agencies with travel data and booking capabilities for hundreds of the world’s leading travel service suppliers. Worldspan employ 2,500 people which show that the market is massive. It proves how big travel and tourism has become and how it is increasing. Amadeus. Amadeus offers a service in which the public can suit their holidays to themselves. This means information comes from all over the world to give the costumers the best chance of getting the holiday they want. The electronic information on Amadeus contains flight details, accommodation and dates in which are available. There are many online travel agents, these include: Expedia. Expedia is a virtual online travel agent which means you can book everything from you flight to hotel. Their aim is to replace high street travel agents.   Expedia also works with a GDS to get the results they want for their costumers. This has a booming impact on travel and tourism as it is so much easier to book a holiday as everything can be catered for, for your own personal needs. Sunvil Holidays.   Sunvil online offers a different service to Expedia as you can’t book online whereas they offer a variety of holidays around the world. You can either book by phone or request to order a brochure. Sunvil have been operating holidays since 1970. They also offer unique tailor made travel options. This is what makes it ideal and appealing to potential costumers. Another technological development is e-ticketing. Here is the booth in which you enter your details into when you come to the airport. This means you don’t need a paper ticket which gives you less things to worry about and loose. Once you have booked with the airline, you can check yourself in. this saves on time and is much more efficient. This relates to the ever growing industry of travel and tourism as everything is becoming easier and quicker to do. Making going away much more appealing to the public. (I got this picture form Google search on images. ) Conclusion. Computerised booking systems make it much easier for tourists going on holiday as it creates less hassle. This makes it much more engaging for the public. The technological development therefore relates to the increase of travel and tourism as going on holiday is so much more efficient to the technology. 3. Product Development and Innovation. Holiday camps. In the 1950`s Butlins was very popular and was the main idea for a family holiday. I got this leaflet from:http://www. butlinsmemories. com/6/id77. htm This is the leaflet from the 1950`s which states that this was the `real ` holiday that everyone wanted. This was the case then, when the concept of holidays was restricted to only the UK. Nine UK camps were built. They can be divided into three distinct eras: The pre-war camps of Skegness (1936) & Clacton (1938), the wartime camps of Filey, Pwllheli and Ayr and the post-war camps of Mosney (1948), Bognor (1960), Minehead (1962) and Barry (1966). There were already quite a few holiday camps in existence but Billy Butiln took the concept to a whole new level by making them far bigger and by offering a previously unheard of range of entertainment and activities. The Butlin camps were really in a league of their own and were far larger than anything seen before or since. In the drab post-war years of mainland Britain the camps promised and delivered a world far removed from anything most people had experienced before. The brightly coloured buildings with exotic names, the seemingly endless list of entertainment and activities, the wonderful flower gardens, and all available for the equivalent of a weeks pay. Now Butlins has now become less popular as more people want to go abroad on long haul holidays as flights and accommodation is so cheap. Although, Butlins is trying to re-launch itself. It offers a range of cheap holiday with savings that will hopefully bring people back to enjoy the Butlin experience. As you can see from the screen print, the prices are low and are appealing to families to single adults looking for a good night entertainment also. I got this screen picture from: http://www. butlinsonline. co. uk/   Whereas Butlins was aimed at the working class, the new genre of holiday camps are aimed at the middle class. These camps include Centre Parcs and Oasis.   These camps offers accommodation suitable to the size of your family. The chalets are set into woodland making it very private. The main centre building offers everything from restaurants and bars to swimming pools all under one roof. Everything is very much more sophisticated than Butlins and is suited to families rather than single people. The family is a main target for travel and tourism and so centre parcs is making the most of the money that families have by accommodating for them. I got this screen print from: http://www. centerparcs. co. uk/   This screen print gives information on the resort and sells their concept well. Package holidays. * Package holidays developed in the 1960`s when jet travel was in force and people had more holiday time due to the holiday pay act by the government.

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102 Critical Thinking and Gay Marriage Professor Ramos Blog

102 Critical Thinking and Gay Marriage Quick Write Quick Write How have your beliefs and ideas been shaped from birth? Critical Thinking Critical comes from the Greek word  krinein, meaning â€Å"to separate, to choose†; above all, it implies  conscious  inquiry (4). Conscious also means to be awake or aware. This suggests that by examining our reasoning, we can understand the basis of our judgments and decisions – ultimately, so that we can make better ones. Critical thinking requires us to support our position and also see the other side. The heart of critical thinking is a willingness to face objections to ones own beliefs, to adopt a skeptical attitude not only toward views opposed to our own but also toward our own common sense that is, toward views that seem to us as obviously right (Barnet et al. 12) Kim Davis at the county clerk’s office in Morehead, Ky., in 2015. Issue: Gay Marriage Licenses In a 2015 case from Kentucky, Kim Davis refused to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Who has a say in the matter? What is affected by this issue? Let’s work on the three questions on page 10. Why are we talking about this issue? How does this affect people who are not gay? News Article Gay man denied marriage license by Kim Davis challenging her for county clerk: I want to bring ‘people back together’ Obstacles to Critical Thinking The topic is too controversial. The topic hits â€Å"too close to home.† Personal experience with topic. The topic disgusts you. Generating Ideas: Writing as a Way of Thinking Writing helps writers to think. Prewriting, Brainstorming, clustering, lists, Confronting Unfamiliar Issues Since college can not prepare you for every possible issue you will face, it seeks to equip you with tools, methods, and habits of mind that enable you to confront arguments about any potential issue. Identifying and Examining Assumptions Assumptions may be explicit or implicit, stated or unstated. Implicit Assumption: one that is not stated and often taken for granted. Explicit Assumption: a clearly stated assumption. What assumptions do you see in the issue? David Ermold speaks with Clerk Kim Davis as he files to run for Rowan County Clerk Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, in Morehead, Ky. 1st Amendment The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution The 1st Amendment

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The Schenck Ruling by Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Schenck Ruling by Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Charles Schenck was the general secretary of the Socialist Party in the United States. During World War I, he was arrested for creating and distributing pamphlets that urged men to assert your rights and resist being drafted to fight in the war. Schenck was charged with attempting to obstruct recruitment efforts and the draft. He was charged and convicted under the Espionage Act of 1917 that stated that people could not say, print, or publish anything against the government during times of war. He appealed to the Supreme Court, claiming the law violated his First Amendment right to free speech. Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes The former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States was Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. He served between 1902 and 1932.  Holmes passed the bar in 1877 and started working in the field as a lawyer at a private practice.  He also contributed editorial work to the American Law Review for three years, where he subsequently lectured at Harvard and published a collection of his essays called The Common Law.  Holmes was known as the Great Dissenter at the U.S. Supreme Court due to his opposing arguments with his colleagues. Espionage Act of 1917, Section 3 Following is the pertinent section of the Espionage Act of 1917 that was used to prosecute Schenck: Whoever, when the United States is at war, shall willfully make or convey false reports of false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military..., shall willfully cause or attempt to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, refusal of duty..., or shall willfully obstruct the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both. Supreme Court Decision The Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes ruled unanimously against Schenck. It argued that, even though he had the right to free speech under the First Amendment during peacetime, this right to free speech was curtailed during the war if they presented a clear and present danger to the United States. It is in this decision that Holmes made his famous statement about free speech: The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic. Significance of Schenck v. the United States This had a huge significance at the time. It seriously lessened the strength of the First Amendment during times of war by removing its protections of the freedom of speech when that speech could incite a criminal action (like dodging the draft). The Clear and Present Danger rule lasted until 1969. In Brandenburg v. Ohio, this test was replaced with the Imminent Lawless Action test. Excerpt from Schencks Pamphlet: Assert Your Rights In exempting clergymen and members of the Society of Friends (popularly called Quakers) from active military service the examination boards have discriminated against you. In lending tacit or silent consent to the conscription law, in neglecting to assert your rights, you are (whether knowingly or not) helping to condone and support a most infamous and insidious conspiracy to abridge and destroy the sacred and cherished rights of a free people. You are a citizen: not a subject! You delegate your power to the officers of the law to be used for your good and welfare, not against you.

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Sociology Women and Crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sociology Women and Crime - Essay Example The organization will use all potential tools that fit with its core values in order to integrate essential socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural ideals so that the total program will meet the highest standard in all interpersonal relationship with its benefactors, stakeholders, volunteers, beneficiaries, and the public as a whole. For the successful implementation of the program, roles will be assigned to individuals according to the area of their expertise. Comprehensive research on the area of its concern will be of major priority as it is essential for the program to gather accurate information and knowledge. In order to assess the effectiveness or impact of the program, it is necessary to collect feedbacks from the benefited groups. Questionnaire, personal interviews, and telephone interviews are the easiest and simplest methods of getting feedback from the target group. There will be central and regional offices to avail full time assistance through which public can share their complaints and

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Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Topic - Essay Example Thereby, as per Epicurus, every individual is free to lead the kind of life one wants to lead and to choose the values that one respects and considers sacrosanct and worthy. Hence, it is quiet not possible to understand the dogmas of Epicureanism, without paying heed to the importance that Epicurus endows on free will and the human capacity to engage in rational decision making. Consequently, the restraint suggested by Epicurus in the sphere of simple living and parsimony needs to be understood in the light of these innate human capacities. As per Epicurus there is a limit to simple living and any individual indulging in the extremes of simple living is as likely of being erroneous as the one who engages in prolific extravagance. As per Epicurus, every person tends to seek pleasure in life. To put it in simple words, each and every individual tends to aspire for a life that is endowed with a measure of gratification and happiness. The values like honesty, prudence and justice cease t o hold a pragmatic and viable meaning in case an individual’s life is totally devoid of pleasure. ... Epicurus suggests that while opting for a viable choice in the matters or simplicity and for that matter any other value, one needs to ascertain the amount of pleasure and pain it would lead to and thereby should decide matters while weighing the one against the other. As per Epicurus, â€Å"Necessity is a bad thing, but there is no necessity to live with necessity (36).† Thereby, if one tends to translate the Epicurean philosophy in the matters of simple living, it amply gets clear that Epicurus vehemently stands against any such idea of simple living that not only augments the content of pain in life, but also deprives one of the minimal necessities required to lead a fruitful and happy life. Extremes of simple living expose life to a situation of dearth and necessity that eventually gives way to pain and hurt. Epicurus warns the human intellect against ascribing to this idea of leading a simple life that unnecessarily augments pain and necessity and consequently dilutes ple asure or happiness. As per Epicurus, â€Å"Life is ruined by delay and each and every one of us dies without enjoying leisure (36).† Thereby, it gets quiet evident that Epicurus is totally repugnant of the idea of adhering to extremes, whether it be living an extremely simple life that is ascetic in its approach and deprives the human experience of all pleasure, or adhering to a life of profligacy and extravagance, which force the human consciousness to make comprises in the quest for extreme pleasure, and thereby eventually getting mired in the bog of pain and dearth. Thereby, the Epicurean approach towards the matter of living a simple life is one of moderation and balance, which on the