Friday, November 1, 2019

Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Topic - Essay Example Thereby, as per Epicurus, every individual is free to lead the kind of life one wants to lead and to choose the values that one respects and considers sacrosanct and worthy. Hence, it is quiet not possible to understand the dogmas of Epicureanism, without paying heed to the importance that Epicurus endows on free will and the human capacity to engage in rational decision making. Consequently, the restraint suggested by Epicurus in the sphere of simple living and parsimony needs to be understood in the light of these innate human capacities. As per Epicurus there is a limit to simple living and any individual indulging in the extremes of simple living is as likely of being erroneous as the one who engages in prolific extravagance. As per Epicurus, every person tends to seek pleasure in life. To put it in simple words, each and every individual tends to aspire for a life that is endowed with a measure of gratification and happiness. The values like honesty, prudence and justice cease t o hold a pragmatic and viable meaning in case an individual’s life is totally devoid of pleasure. ... Epicurus suggests that while opting for a viable choice in the matters or simplicity and for that matter any other value, one needs to ascertain the amount of pleasure and pain it would lead to and thereby should decide matters while weighing the one against the other. As per Epicurus, â€Å"Necessity is a bad thing, but there is no necessity to live with necessity (36).† Thereby, if one tends to translate the Epicurean philosophy in the matters of simple living, it amply gets clear that Epicurus vehemently stands against any such idea of simple living that not only augments the content of pain in life, but also deprives one of the minimal necessities required to lead a fruitful and happy life. Extremes of simple living expose life to a situation of dearth and necessity that eventually gives way to pain and hurt. Epicurus warns the human intellect against ascribing to this idea of leading a simple life that unnecessarily augments pain and necessity and consequently dilutes ple asure or happiness. As per Epicurus, â€Å"Life is ruined by delay and each and every one of us dies without enjoying leisure (36).† Thereby, it gets quiet evident that Epicurus is totally repugnant of the idea of adhering to extremes, whether it be living an extremely simple life that is ascetic in its approach and deprives the human experience of all pleasure, or adhering to a life of profligacy and extravagance, which force the human consciousness to make comprises in the quest for extreme pleasure, and thereby eventually getting mired in the bog of pain and dearth. Thereby, the Epicurean approach towards the matter of living a simple life is one of moderation and balance, which on the

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