Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Corporation - Essay Example From the aspect of business, we are the revenue for the firms. â€Å"We† are also considered as a potential source for new orders and new customers. Therefore each and every firm tries hard to retain their existing customer base because it is believed that a satisfied customer is equal to an advertisement for the company and retaining the existing customer is more profitable than replacing them with the new ones. (Hawkins 2010 p.22). However in the process of competition among the firms, the aspects that suffer the most are the social factors, humanitarian grounds and public interest. The Corporation â€Å"The Corporation† is a work by Joel Bakan which deals with the history of corporations and the key features it exhibit today. In the book the author has discussed about the procedure of business conducted by the firms of the recent era and the impacts it has on the general people. The topic of corporate social responsibility has also been covered in the book and the wo rk has been primarily addressed to the public at large making them aware of the malpractices of the corporations as well as the provoking attitude of the firms (Bakan 2005). Bakan in his book states the account of the organizations belonging to the 18th century and draws a comparison with the current corporate practices. During the past, the corporate structure was fairly exceptional and facilitated exclusively the methods for carrying out specific big projects for the interest of the public. Today the firms tend to govern our societies and economies. Greater emphasis can be found on the main attributes of management control and restricted liability, and on the reasonably modern notion that the organizations have a separate legal entity (Davies 2010 p.55), who might even have the benefit of several human rights. The writer puts further stress on the fact that financial controversies related to firms are not a new thing. Such scandals have always formed the part and parcel of the org anizational framework of conducting business. The transformation in the early parts of 20th century, gave rise to the concept of corporate social responsibility, which is showcased as a response by the business organizations to the general public’s common threat about the power and size that corporations started to build up, and to the associated requirement of a stricter administrative regulation on them. The concept of the fiscal idea of externalities has been also mentioned in the book which argues that the organization’s propensity to outsource costs is at the source of most of the world’s environmental and social issues. Interesting instances has been presented in the text regarding the cost-benefit study within the car business where the passengers’ protection is considered to be the main concern. Unlawfulness in the business activity is universal, and it takes place from the- unethical character of the corporation And from the breakdown of the regu latory structure, due to laidback regulations and futile enforcement. The corporations today focus mainly on their own interest neglecting the harmful and long-lasting effect on the society at large. There were many commercials that were created for the promotion of a product but ended up in causing injury to the humanitarian interests. The complaints lodged regarding the commercials amounted to a total number of 25,214 complaints in 2010 among which 96% were lodged by the associates of the public forum and 4% belonged to the

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