Thursday, November 21, 2019

Poverty in Black America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Poverty in Black America - Research Paper Example Out of 40 million, 10.7 million blacks live in poverty (27.4%). A total of 54.6 % of all blacks live in single mother homes. (Black Poverty).1 2. American Black community is not only poor by American standards; rather many amongst them touch â€Å"third world† poor status. In USA official unemployment rate is 4.4% whereas official unemployment rate for blacks is 10% .Approximately a million black children in USA are living below poverty line. (Phillip).2 3. Poverty brings other associated problems. Either poverty causes these problems or these problems cause poverty. The problems include poor education standards, broken family structure, violence, high crime rate, mass unemployment, poor living standards and housing, poor health, friction in communities and low contribution towards economy etc. 4. Higher education is considered essential in upgrading the standard of life. However with poor economic status, black families are unable to afford college education and postgraduate studies. The frustrated youth is therefore divulged towards depression, uncertainty, frustration, drugs and crime. 5. Consistently black students in schools have not performed well. According to Carter (Carter) â€Å"so many decades have passed since 1954 Brown decision however many people are still intrigued by the (under) performance of Black Students in Americas schools†3 . In schools these students remain in groups. These groups often fight each other to gain dominance. Masculine image amongst black boys is a very dominant concept. The past association with slavery also haunts quite a few black youngsters. There is another impression amongst black students according to which a student involved in studies is not received well amongst the peers. When impact of all these factors is combined it results into distraction from studies and poor results and failure in life later on. 6. There has been a factor of racism as well in few schools where black students have been labeled naturally â€Å"dumb†. There has been a feedback from teachers according to which white teachers did not feel comfortable in the company of black students. Unfortunately negative indicators in school life do not point towards bright future of black students. 7. Lack of role models is often cited as a reason for blacks not doing well in many fields specially education. There is a general impression that blacks are not good at studies however they are good in sports and music. However it is considered a wrong argument. Black sportsmen and music celebrities are very few in number. The lifestyles and wealth these celebrities enjoy create a false impression amongst blacks, due to which, black youngsters dream of becoming music or sports stars, through some sort of shortcut in life. The results in real life are far different than dreams. 8. Thirteenth amendment to US constitution was passed in December 1865, according to which slavery was abolished in USA. The country was not stabl e in that era and southern states continued with practices similar to slavery however union army was limited and could not protect ex-slaves. Few states passed â€Å"black codes† according to which unemployed blacks could be arrested and fined .Prisoners that were unable to pay fines could be used as slaves. Blacks were not allowed to buy land and were denied fair wages for work. 9. After the civil war

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