Monday, April 22, 2019

International Human Rights Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

foreign Human Rights Law - Essay Examplewar lasted for several years and it was in 1918, when the war came to an end, disregarding of the outcome, leaving massive bloodshed, manslaughter, misery, orphanage, annihilation and demolition of human ethics, morals and ignorance of the respect of humankind behind as its everlasting impressions on the history of the world.1The great powers of the world, still hungry for power and possession, momentarily recognized the adopt for an organization that could counter future mishaps like that of World warfare I and laid the foundations of League of Nations, LN. The business office of LN was to safeguard the rights of minorities and to serve as a platform that shall provide opportunities to Great Powers of the world to bring their differences on the table. LN was to play the role of a negotiator, arbitrator and mediator to help the dust settle down and to prevent animosities from growing into battles and wars. The formation of LN was an indica tion of the fact that whatever happened, World War I could stupefy been prevented and the aims could have been achieved in a better manner. LN was to serve a body that would recognize and safeguard the right of valet de chambre irrespective of their colour, cast, race and religion. LN was formed with a broader perspective to serve humanity not only by preventing future wars but also by addressing to and focusing up on areas that were never streamlined and subjected to internationalistic attention in the past. LN also comprised bodies that were aimed at defining and securing rights of labour and highlighting public issues at an majestic platform such as health, opium and rights of refugees. But in 1939 the world witnessed another jolting war, World War II, that led to the demise of LN, as LN was created to prevent wars and within a few decades of its existence the world was at the verge of another war, this time even bigger in its magnitude and bitter in its essence.2 more(prenom inal) than 100 million humans participated in this war, belonging to various regions, religions

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