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Effects of Drugs and Alcohol to the Body Essay Example for Free

cause of Drugs and inebriant to the Body EssayThe effects of drugs and alcohol may vary on the mannikin of drug, the dosage, the frequency, the persons torso element and metabolism, and the type of personality. According to the American Academy of child and adolescent psychiatry, 20 million adults in the United States abused alcohol and half of these abusers were teenagers. Teens usually perceive drugs and alcohols as a solution to their problems, to gain popularity, to become active, to have pleasure and at times due to curiosity and catch pressure. They simply disregard the fact that this forget only harm their bodies, mess up their entire lives, and could crimson ensue them to terminal.The effects of these substances argon danger to human brain and body. Drugs are considered pervasive. It compromises the ability of the body to break down well. It affects both physical and psychological aspects. Over consumption or tolerance to this effect can lead to physiological pr oblem. Pathophysiology traces alcohol primarily on blood. Because alcohols are permeable to the cell membrane of the body, it can slowly diffuse to the bloodstream and causes blood-sludging of which blood vessels are being plug up while the tissues and oxygen of the body are being starve, thus causing cell death.Further breaking of the blood vessels and cell death causes malfunction of the system of the body causing excessive bleeding or hemorrhage, predisposing factor of cancer and lead story to death. Other effect of high concentration alcohol level on the blood is the depletion of red and snow-covered blood count which is the main component of the blood. Common blood disorders are anemia, bone marrow depression, and softness to fight infections.The commencement step in alcohol abuse treatment is detoxification. A doctor will give a prescription for one to have a high dose of medication for the first day of not drinking alcohol. In the succeeding days of the week, the patient will slowly decrease the dose of the medicine. The medicine usually reduces withdrawal symptoms A breathalyser may be used to swear that you are not drinking (http// is detoxification?). It is important for the patient to have the support of his family amidst his medication process in order for him to gain motivation and inspiration.In treating drug addicts, it is advised for them to undergo Cognitive behavior therapy. This gracious of therapy is also used in treating alcohol abuse. Many drugs and alcohol users are from a situation of hardships and problems in life. They find drugs and alcohol as coping mechanism. Cognitive behavior therapy is based on the idea that feelings and behaviors are caused by a persons thoughts, not on outside stimuli like people, situations and events (http// this kind of therapy, the therapist will make the patient recognized the situations an d reasons why he is taking drugs and alcohol. The first subject taught in this therapy is how to do away from situations like those and how they can cope with it. The Cognitive Therapy may lasts until 12 sessions or depending upon the progress of the patient. Again, family support is vital in the process of treatment.BIBLIOGRAPHYDunlap, M. P.. Biological Impacts Of Alcohol Use An Overview. Retrieved August 6, 2007 from http// of Alcohol on the Body. Retrieved August 6, 2007 fromhttp// Alcohol and other Drugs. Retrieved August 6, 2007 fromhttp// detoxification. Rtrieved August 8, 2007http// is detoxification?http//

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