Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cellular Respiration II review packet - General Biology I Essay

Cellular Respiration II review packet - General Biology I - Essay Example1. Interference of interruption of bringes of cellular muscles can lead to twitting of muscles, muscle pulls and even cardiac arrest. Muscle pulls and cardiac arrest that be fatal if efforts are not made to restore the common supply of oxygen that may be causing the muscle pull. Extreme cases of muscle pulls or cardiac arrest have resulted in death. As such, it is important to attend quickly to these sudden symptoms immediately they give to avoid them turning fatal.2. The oxygen that we inhale combines with the glucose at the cellular level through a process of oxidation of organic molecules in a process called aerobic respiration. Oxidation of oxygen and glucose results in the work of carbon dioxide exhaled, water, expertness and heat.3. A running assimilator must revert to walking when the rate of energy consumption is far much higher than the rate in which the student is breathing in. such student can m aintain the running by inhaling and exhaling a little bit faster. If he or she does not, indeed she/he must revert to walking to reduce on the energy

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