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The problems of the management of Kodak Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

The problems of the attention of Kodak - Essay ExampleThis is so because victor is based on an organisations ability to create, rather than predict the future by developing those products that will literally transform the way the world thinks and view it self and the needs (Kanter 199571).Within the context of todays global competition, businesses and firms no-longer postulate as individual companies but try to corporate with other businesses in their activities (Wu & Chien 20072). These researchers went further to argue that, this outline has become quite common in many businesses including the retail clothing chain stores. The conventional upright piano integrated company based business model is gradually creation replaced by collaborative kinship between many fragmented, but complementary and specialized value stars and constellation (Wu & Chien1).An alternative approach towards organisational success, champion which is becoming increasing prominent and has attracted the s ustained attention of both domestic and international business scholars argon core competences, capabilities and resources (e.g. Madhok 1998, Prahalad & Hamel1990, Hamel & Prahalad1994 ). In todays global business environment it is no longer sufficient simply to light upon customers demand as time quality and cost have become increasingly important in the phase of increasing competition (Petts 1997551).1.1 Capability and Competence of Eastman KodakClient Focus and Problem Solving and headStaffs are highly motivated, and the number of customers per employee ratio is high, the workforce is unionised. The company has access to financial market, which is not so easy to other competitors. The leverage ratio is very high (Debt to Equity ratio). As one of the organisations objective, to take a shit long term relationship with it customers through reliable and efficient services. The company is so effective in after sales and repairs services. Competencies provide a means of looking at t hose behaviours that disparateiate the best from the rest period and a common language for talking about critical on-the-job behaviours. Innovation and Strategic thoughtBeing a pace setter in the industry with the ultimate vision to be a world leader in photographic equipments, Eastman Kodak capabilities include, continuous innovation and strategic thinking in different markets, Because of the higher level of motivation, and self- direction encouraged in the workforce, employees are able to come up with new features, and suggestions to management to developed new equipments. The company brand identity, it salient features associated with quality and general brand awareness in the market. The companys reputation for film quality was (as it still is) regarded as one of the companys key assetsLeadership and Results OrientationThe management style and culture of the organisation are more family oriented. This has been responsible for the high level of profit being experienced by the company from creation, until the slump.With the leadership and technical know how of it founders and subsequent executives, the company developed it competences in innovation, product line extension and differentiation. The company was able to develop it core products and capabilities which included high terminate copiers, single use cameras, .In addition, the company had a

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