Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Business statistics-----Summarizing Data Statistics Project

Business -----Summarizing information - Statistics Project ExampleGiven this trend income is likely to improver and mountain now can have more luxury items. The major increase was in people earning above $40000 and decline in the income below that range. This shows that this income is becoming a base-line income with time.During the same period there has been increase in Asian ethnicity in the regular army and decrease in other ethnicities. So, in developing country those snacks the taste of Asian community should be under great consideration and as they have increased by about 60% in 2000 when comparing with 1990s.Similarly there has been a trend that people be moving towards buying their let house than living in rented house. This shows increase in Living Standard and Disposable income which mean that people will be able to afford the snacks if they are good.As far as employment statistics are concerned there has been an increase in absolute number of people employed but p art wise unemployment has risen which is not a good indicator. Those in plump, Most of them drive themselves to work alone. This shows the increase in living standard as people are not using motor cycles to work and very few of them taking public transport to work. Most of the people take around 20-34 transactions to reach their work.

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