Sunday, May 5, 2019

Cause and Effect On Honolulu Rail Transit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cause and Effect On Honolulu Rail Transit - Essay shellThus, many pros and cons have been raised about the pro flapd construction of the rail transit. Although, the Honolulu rail transit leave behind ease movement of commodities and people from urban areas to outlying areas, it allow lead to budget cuts on the chapiter objectifys and tote up to environmental, health as well as aesthetic issues.The Honolulu Rail Transit project is costly thus, it will cause the budget cuts. The rail debt will rise contributing to the reduction of consumption on other capital projects. The construction of the rail transit will enable the political relation to meet additional debt for other projects such as flood control programs, police equipment and road repairs. This is because the financial resources of the urban center will be directed to the rail construction, as the city will be forced to interchange al the city expenses to the rail construction. For instance, the report from the finan cial director of Honolulu, Toy Arre, revealed thatthe fiscal budget object of 2013 on health and safe alone is $ 17 million dollars(Levine pr 3).The public health and safety is on the front line, but this will be impacted by the proposed rail construction because the government will not manage to meet all other proposal fiscal budget. Hence, this will contribute to the government relying on foreign aid and borrowing money from other developed states with an aim of meet other capital projects thus increasing the national balance deficit.The Honolulu project may pose environmental, health and aesthetic issues. This is because the construction activities will contribute to varied consequences on the environment and the health of gay being thus, the project poses legal issues. The plaintiffs included in the environmental and legal issues indicated that the construction of the rail will lead to environmental pollution. For instance, the electric train will be powered by fossil raise because this comes from burning of petroleum products. This

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