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Culture, Nature & Freedom: Treating Juvenile Offenders. :: essays research papers

Culture, Nature & Freedom Treating young Offenders.GronemanArgiro, T.W. Civ. 205December 12,1996In Kansas, Juvenile offenders are sent to Youth Centers. These are merelyChild prisons, lockd suffer facilities for kids. This flair of treatment goesagainst every idea of growth put forward in this class. In this paper I will tryto justify the handling of residential treatment schemes through the ideas found inseveral of this semesters authors including T.Huxtley, Rousseau, DuBois, Freud,A.Huxtley, and Mill. The Ideals erect forth by these intellectuals should be thebasis for all treatment, to better the individuals and society.First, We ass tang to DuBois. He believes that people can change their ownconsciousness. He shows this through his Immersion narrative. This cant workin a juvenility center. The barely cultural ideal here is the Master/slave dialectic amongst staff and youth. The sides work apart. The two cant join because onedoes not start out the other. There is no way to be above the veil of theirstatus. In a residential treatment modality, Relationship building is key tosuccess. The youth need to feel the veil has been lifted. It allows them toexplore safely and see the population in a greater view. The view as other is takeand a true balance displaces the master / slave one.Next, we can look at Mills Ideas on culture. He would like to elevate theethical motive of the human mind. To do this, we must continually test the standard. Newideas must be able to circulate trimly. We must weigh how all actions opinionothers. This can not be done in these Youth centers as well. They have veryspecific codes and any questioning is reprimanded. Cultural inflow is at astandstill and Censor ship is at its highest doable level. A residentialtreatment modality gives all ideas a free shot. Self Government, A system usedby the youth assures a safe environment to share all feedback and new ideasopenly, to non judgmental ears. it looks at how ones action are related toothers and provides a safe place for all expression. Allowing ideas to reposefresh and moral stability and growth to flourish.This leads us directly to the dehumanization described by T.H. Huxtley. First,we have the effects of Social-Darwinism. We are using our own projections ofnature for a model. These children are being culturally pushed aside forprogress, stuck in mini prisons. Where, rather than fix problems, we push theminto suffering so that we whitethorn achieve gains. Then there is the idea of thegospel of wealth. Why attend to these kids?

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