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Process Paper How To Get On Th :: essays research papers

Process Paper How to get on the netThe Internet is a very consequential tool for communicating, learning, and average surfing. To utilize the capabilities of the &8220Net one must bedevil a phone line, a data processor with a modem, and an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Computers undersurface unremarkably be found at any electronic store. The store should too have information on how a local ISP bay window be found. The Internet Service Provider that you find will give you the congenital software needed to connect to the Internet. Once the software is successfully installed, reach out sure a phone line is hooked up with the computer&8217s modem. You can do this buy running phone cable from the nearest phone jack to the back of your computer. A modem slot can be found in the back of you computer, and it will usually have &8220Modem written above it.Once the phone line is hooked up, you can enter your computer and start up your web browser. Your web browser icon should s ay &8220Internet Explorer, &8220Netscape, or &8220The Internet. Once you have fit(p) the icon, double click it (click twice with the primary mouse button). This should bring up a &8220Dial-up Networking window with &8220username and &8220password spaces. Type in the username and password that your ISP gave you. As short as all the data is entered, click the &8220Connect button at the penetrate of the window. It should take about one minute before a window pops up with a timer telling you how long you have been connected. This is important so if you have a limited number of hours for the month, you can wipe out your time connected to the Internet.Now that you are connected, it is possible to take return of the Internet&8217s capabilities. You should start off by spillage to a search engine, lycos. com,,, and many others. You can start these by going to the file menu, clicking open, and then typing in the address (i.e.

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