Thursday, September 26, 2019

War between China and Japan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

War between China and Japan - Essay Example The main countries, China and Japan, continue to stoke the embers of the war till today with China seething at the trauma and humiliation caused to her. Their relationship has not thawed even after an official apology offered by Junichiro Koizumi, former prime minister of Japan. (Jin Ni). The brutality of Japan, the power struggle in China during this period, and the resilience or annihilation with which the native Chinese faced it are all succinctly summarized in films like Devils on the Doorstep and The Last Emperor. During the time the war was being waged, China was a divided nation with warlords in different regions more keen on consolidating their own position and interests. Some of them even openly sided with the invading Japanese troops for political gains and military supremacy in the region. The National Revolutionary Army, successor to the erstwhile Kuomintang Army, founded by General Chiang Kai-shek succeeded in unifying the belligerent factions in 1928. However, it was weak motley whose only purpose was to repel the atrocious Japanese invaders. They had no real desire to defend the nation and only wanted to drive out the Japanese so that they could carry on with their bellicosity with their neighboring warlords afterwards. Moreover, the National Army had to contend with ominous threats from the communists. In fact, Chiang Kai-shek was aware the threat posed by the communists was even more dangerous than the conflict with Japan. The Red Army of the communists in China fought Japan as part of the National Revolutionary Army. However, the wily Mao Zedong was gingerly sowing seeds of power entrapment through coercive and overtly strong arm tactics. He got the large segment of the peasant population to his side by reducing taxes and other reforms. The preparations were afoot with both sides waiting for the final showdown after World War II to see who would emerge as winners. (MacGowan, J). 3. Outside powers China's meager weaponry consisted of the artillery and ammunition provided by Germany. Others like Russia, Britain and the USA joined in at the closing stages. They did not wish to get involved in a fight taking place thousands of miles away from their own shores at the cost of their own defense. Russia and Britain initially refused to get involved due to their own problems with the Axis powers. The USA was not keen on fighting a war in somebody else's land. 4. Films on the war Produced by Jiang Wen, Devils on the Doorstep highlights the horrors of the war with a brilliant mix of facts and humor. Set in the climes of a farming village, the film simmers and smolders with interactions between humble local farmers and the malevolent Japanese occupiers. The events, dialogues and interpretations between the simple residents and the no-nonsense predators are ensconced in the humor of an hapless interpreter caught between a suicidal Japanese captive and their ignoble bloodthirsty captors.

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