Friday, September 27, 2019

Materials homework assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Materials homework - Assignment Example Moreover, HMAC technology permits asphalt concrete to the range of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit cooler compared to the PCC resulting to the reduction in terms of the temperature, which substantially decreases energy utilization at the mixing plant and consequently lessen greenhouse gas emissions during production. HMAC production concrete drastically decrease the quantity volatile organic compound emissions thus eradicating the smoke and odor related to the PCC, bricks, gravel and stabilized earth. HMAC production lowers production temperature that normally results to oxidation of the asphalt mix during the traditional hot-mix asphalt production process. This leaves efficient asphalt within the mix by aiding in the reduction of the aging impact of the asphalt. Aging impact results to brittleness and cracking. Moreover, HMAC possesses the potential for increased compaction over the PCC, bricks, gravel and stabilized earth, which aids in reducing potential damage to the streets due to the recurrent loading over period. Engineering wood is the best for building two stories house within the Oregon coast having sustainability goal. Oregon coast has higher humidity levels and the engineering wood is more suitable since it is more resistant to relatively higher moisture and steady. Engineering wood is also not susceptible to swelling due to alteration in temperature thus adding attractions within the basements or within the regions possessing relatively higher humidity levels. The wood also works efficiently under the floor heating systems due to its stability. Engineering wood normally has a thickness of 15mm hence offers greater stability and long-term usage. Natural finish of the building will consists of very board of multiple layers of the timber that bonded together. The underlying outermost of 4mm of engineering hardwood will act as an option to the solid

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