Saturday, May 11, 2019

Research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 19

Research constitution - Essay ExampleThe initial interaction of culture and trade appears at this level where the language and symbols utilise must be meaningful to the market in question. It therefore follows that the trafficker must custom the symbols that atomic number 18 synonymous with the particular culture Bryan, (2013). Marketing does not only involve presenting a intersection to the consumer, plainly also entails designing the product to meet the customers wants. For a product to satisfy people, its design, style, use and any other marketing activities must be culturally acceptable.Culture features in all marketing activities ranging from promotion, pricing, distribution channels, packaging of products and styling. The interaction surrounded by market forces and the culture of the market is responsible for success in marketing. Its important to note that the way in which human beings satisfy their wants, the amount of a good they consume and the way they consume the product is all a function of their culture.Marketers play two roles in a market. They extend all their efforts to satisfying the cultural demands in the market as well as act as agents of change whenever the idea or product marketed is innovative. The usage of a new product in a market is the beginning of change in the peoples traditions making the marketer an agent of change. Its therefore very crucial for a marketer to study cultural differences between societies and identify the important aspects that he/she should focus on. The influence of culture on a market of commodities roll in the hay be demonstrated by the examples below, Michael, (2007).According to Brian, culture affects nearly every portion of our lives from birth work death. These effects have very remarkable consequences in the market of products (2013). For example in Chinese culture, its considered to be good luck to be born in the year of the dragon. This leads to an increase of birthrates

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