Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What Contribution Does Curleys Wife Make to Of Mice and Men? Essay

What Contribution Does Curleys Wife Make to Of Mice and Men?Curleys wife is the intimately dangerous character in the novel, becauseshe is the loneliest one. Because of her need for attention, shedestroys George and Lennies dream of living move out the fatta the lan.The appearance and clothing of Curleys wife have a symbolic meaning.She is draw as a purty woman because she is always made up.Even on the ranch she has full, rouged lips and her hair lies inlittle rolled clusters, ilk sausages. Also her clothes areseductive. When she speaks with George and Lennie, she wears a bolshydress and has red lips. The symbolic meaning of the colour red inliterature is danger. So Steinbeck foreshadows that she will bedangerous. She wears the same dress in the bunkhouse, as when shespeaks with Lennie at the end of the novel. The reader senses thatsomething bad will happen the death of Curleys wife.Curleys wife does not have a good life on the ranch. The birthbetween her and Curley is miserab le. She hates her husband and isreally glad when Lenni...

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