Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Homeless in Our Community Essay -- Homelessness In Our Community,

Table of Contentslit Review 3methodological analysis 5Findings 6Summary 8Works Cited/Works apply 9Appendix Survey Form 11LITERATURE checkIn this breeding behavior study, our group examines the everyday trainingresources, needs, and behaviors of the stateless. Literature research has led us to manykey resources. Important lit on our topic includes Everyday Information Needsand Information Sources of roofless Parents, The Homeless and Information Needs andServices, and Are the economically poor tuition poor? Does the digital divide affectthe homeless and access to data? by Julie Hersberger, and The Impoverished LifeWorldof Outsiders and Framing Social Life in system and Research by ElfredaChatman.The fundamental concepts in the literature show that a study must have adefinition of homelessness and information poverty, hide the everyday informationneeds and services of the homeless, identify misconceptions about how the homelessview and use information, and discuss inf ormation behaviors and barriers for thehomeless.The homeless are a growing population in the United States. As the gap amidstthe wealthy and poor increases, more people find themselves overwhelmed and dis localizedwithout a everlasting residence, financial stability, or social networks, such as family,friends, and/or national assistance. Generally, homelessness in America is a result ofunaffordable housing, family fragmentation, domestic violence, mental illness, wellnessproblems, checkictions, unemployment, or a combination of several of these issues1(Hersberger, 2001, p. 119).Research has concluded that homeless people in their everyday lives areassessing their information needs in... ....What kinds of everyday information are you interested inencountering here?23.How useful is what you catch out at this place1) Not Applicable2) Not Useful3) moderately Useful4) Very Useful5) Cant Do Without24. Is the information you encounter mostly trivial or good for making master(prenomi nal) or big decisions?1) Trivial2) Big finis3) Small Decision4) All5) Other 1525.What would make it easier for you and others to share usefulinformation at this place?26.What are the drawbacks to getting information at this place?27.How important is this place as a means to get cooperate for informationabout everyday life?1) Most important2) clean important3) Not very important4) Not important28. What is your bordering best place for information?29. Is there anything youd like to add about what youve just told me?30. Gender31.Age32.THANK YOU

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