Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Role of Corporate Responsibility and Ethics in the Workplace Essay

The Role of Corporate Responsibility and Ethics in the Workplace - Essay Example As the report declares companies have an obligation to act responsibly and ethically in any country that they based their operations in, regardless of any perceived economic or political factors that might come into play. This particular example shows that PharmaCare failed to live up to this expected code of conduct. PharmaCare seemingly was profit driven, like any company throughout the world, yet the exhibited a lack of compassion in dealing with the people of Colberia and their obvious disparity in terms of wealth. The situation presented in the case study is one of paying ridiculously low wages to the people, while flaunting their own wealth openly in the community. They could have chosen to raise wages to a sustainable level in an effort to help the country, yet they opted to ensure that the people of Colberia remained in poverty. This paper discusses that responsible international companies look at view all of the employees, both domestic and foreign, as partners in the organization. The people of Colberia contributed to the overall early success of PharmaCare, so they should have been more adequately compensated. Wages certainly are not equal around the world, as costs of living of different. So, while it is true that the people of Colberia should not be compensated at the same level as Western employees, they should still be adequately rewarded for their work, particularly for their own medical ingenuity. In this regard, PharmaCare’s actions in Colberia certainly appear to be unethical, particularly when considering wages and working conditions. Donna, Tom, Ayesha: Actions to Take PharmaCare has faced situations with firing employees. These decisions are certainly not to be taken lightly, and often exhibit the potential for legal action to be taken. The company itself is located in New Jersey, which is not currently a right to work state. As such, this situation is bit more difficult to tackle, as employees cannot generally be terminated without proper cause. In reading this case study, without knowing all of the particulars involved, it certainly appears as though the firings would technically be legal, although the circumstances surrounding each should have give PharmaCare reason to pause and consider their actions. In looking at the case of Donna, she did honestly begin to miss quite a bit of work. We do not see where proof of the reasons she missed work were ever justified, other than blaming it on a mold issue in the office. This claim, however, was not proved. Now, if the allegations made by Tom were found to be true, he may very well have a legal case in claiming that this termination was without proper cause. In regards to Ayesha, she would first need to prove that she was being subject to

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