Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Individual reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Individual reflection - Essay Example d three members and every member focused on their own part; I thought group presentations involved teamwork, where all the members discussed the whole assignment together. My part involved the critical analysis of the key economic, political, socio-cultural, and environmental factors influencing the destination of choice. Moreover, I tackled the background of the destination and the identification of the involvement of stakeholders in the planning process. Our group chose North Devon as the destination and analyzed the management plan. I felt enlightened to discover various aspects about North Devon. To begin with, we planned on how we were to meet for every discussion with the group members. At the first meeting, we read the guidance of the presentation requirements. Every member of the group was given their own role to research on. Every member of the group was required to make an outline of what they needed to do. The outline enabled me to be organized on my research from the initial to final stages of presenting the findings. All the members of the group tabled their outline for approval by the rest of the group members. The discussion groups helped me to keep on track with my research findings. We helped each other through sharing of information and the research process. The internet was a good source for me in the research and I shared this with all the group members. In addition, we also found the library books a good source of information, which provided concrete information regarding destination planning in tourism. However, I felt that it was so involving looking for p hysical books, while we could find the information and some of the books online. Moreover, we helped each other with any difficulty that we met in the investigation process. It was a challenge for us to determine the actual design of our PowerPoint presentation, but we had to compromise and assist each other in the determination and drafting of the actual work. This helped us to synthesize

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