Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Implications of an Intelligence Success or Failure Assignment

Implications of an Intelligence Success or Failure - Assignment Example If we go by the memory lane, we find noticeable success of USA. Few of them are end of Cold War era, Soviet collapse, Gulf War, overthrown unpopular regimes in Iraq, Egypt and Libya, targeting and netting most wanted terrorist of the world including Osama Bin Laden besides tracking down Lockerbie shooters from Libyan territory (Zegart, 2005). Intervention of American CIA in Chile The role of American Intelligence Agencies from intervention to overthrown of hostile governments are not hidden from any one. Americans do not compromise at the cost of American interest, be it Chile or any other country of the globe. How the Chilean people forgot the American intervention in their country during the Presidency of Mr. Ford. The intervention came in the month of September 1974, apparently to keep intact freedom of print and electronic media besides protection of democratic rights of the political parties in the best interest of the American and the Chilean people ("Senate select intelligence ," 1976). Later on, the Senate committee justified the cited direct action of the American Intelligence Agency in which an elected government of Marxist President Salvador was toppled. The intrusion of CIA lasted more than a decade in Chile, costing around USD 13million to the exchequer of USA ("Senate select intelligence," 1976). Impact of Success of Intelligence Agencies of USA The success of intelligence agencies of USA in different parts of the world makes the United States of America an apex power of the World. Political abuses of American FBI The historical perspective of political abuse of FBI is multidimensional. The first one is the subservience of President and its associates, ready... Implications of an Intelligence Success or Failure Its information relates to enemy would be of great help to locate the enemy and to decide which tactics and weapons when properly uses, would be instrumental in winning war against the enemy in an specific area (Richelson, 1995). The intelligence agency shoulders three sorts of intelligence task. As a first step, it is to gather material information for assessment. The second step is to examine the enemy’s capabilities, nefarious designs against the country. Accordingly take measures to respond internal and external threats. The third step of this process requires production and dissemination.  On the basis of gathered information and analysis, the cited agency enables to compose finished intelligence reports for the perusal of military and civilian incumbents.   The primary responsibility of an intelligence officer is to make decision and to take action accordingly. Intelligence officers have to work closely with the policy makers and armed forces to get the job done in a n effective way (Richelson, 1995). Discussion Success of USA Intelligence Soon after the Second World War, the then President of USA Mr. Truman specifically focused on Defense and Intelligence Agencies to enhance its capabilities to combat with the increasing menace of Communism and the survival of free civilization ("Senate select intelligence," 1976). The success and failures of American Intelligence Agencies are crystal clear. Their latest move to find out Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan proved successful. This has endorsed the efficiencies of its spy agencies.

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