Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Art of Negotiation - Ethical or unethical behavior Assignment

The Art of Negotiation - Ethical or unethical behavior - Assignment Example However, environmental factors including government laws, religion, and the entire community influence ethical behaviors (Ugwu, 2011). The inherent factors present differences in knowledge, believes, and values that makes it extremely impossible to define ethical and unethical behavior. The difficulties experienced in pinpointing unethical or ethical behaviors with business community directly relates to determination of fairness. Every organization has a culture that defines their fairness standards based on individual variables, influential external factors, and established practices (Tugend, 2012). Consequently, determination of fairness remains inherently difficult mainly due to the aforementioned difference in believes and values based on experiences or cultures. In determining whether a behavior is ethical, a negotiator must ensure fairness for both parties. Fairness acts as the most amicably strategy in determining ethicality of a behavior. Besides, a negotiator should ensure that contrary cultures, believes, values, and practices remains neutralized to kelp establish a common moral ground. The negotiator’s determination should remain acceptable and in the best interest of the entire society. Tugend, Alina .( September 21, 2012). Doing the Right Thing, Whatever That Is. The New York Times. Web. January 26, 2014. Retrieved from

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