Saturday, July 27, 2019

SKILLS AND LEARNING STATEMENT (SLS) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

SKILLS AND LEARNING STATEMENT (SLS) - Assignment Example With further discussions, I chose HDFC (Housing Development and Finance Corporation) India as the bank on which my RAP will be focused. The bank had currently undergone an ICT innovation initiative for improving its performance and increasing its customer’s base (Rajan, 2010). My objective was to evaluate the bank’s performance before and after the introduction of the integrated multichannel in its operations. In the meeting with my project mentor, we discussed my strengths and weaknesses. I discovered that I was technically strong in literature writing however I was worried about the project analysis .With the help of my mentor, I outlined the structure of the project and he suggested ways to acquire information about the research project. According to him, the RAP should have a suitable structure, illustrative, conciseness, clarity with factual accuracy. Before my second meeting with my mentor, I was prepared with the draft of my project. My project was almost over an d I was just left with the conclusion and recommendation part. After going through the draft of my RAP, my mentor identified some errors on the referencing and Part one of the RAP. According to my mentor, the drafted RAP does not fully explain the reasons for choosing my project topic area and neither provided him with an understanding of the overall framework. He guided me with more information and asked me to make amendments but assured me that the overall approach of the project was satisfactory. He assured me the timetable I have been following is good enough to meet my project deadline. The reassurance and encouragement that the project approach is going on the right direction, helped my confidence. In third meeting with my mentor, I gave a presentation of my project. Before this meeting I had already provided my mentor with the draft of my RAP. This meeting included a 15 minutes presentation. The presentation helped overcome my fear of speaking in public and enhanced my orator y skill. I am an introvert and often stay behind in company’s meetings. I was overcome with fear during the presentation to my mentor and his partner. In the presentation, my mentor recommended some changes. He advised me to keep the language totally business-oriented without use of colloquial terms. The language had to be lucid as well as professional. My mentor commented on my nervousness. There were certain changes he recommended for example, the colour combination, referencing, structure, evidences and outcomes. He mentioned that timing is an important factor to consider in presentations. The presentation enhanced my communication skills and made me learn how to conduct while presenting a project- one should be aware of the right gesture, facial expression and stances. The presentation enabled me to exercise introspection and I am now confident that I can take a lead in office meetings. 2. How well do you think that you have answered your research question(s)? While doing the RAP I had proposed four research questions. Research questions are very important, as they determine the formal aim of the study. The research questions formulated by me clearly stated what the study is going to investigate and efforts had been made by me to address the questions properly. The first proposed research question is â€Å"

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