Monday, July 29, 2019

MARKETING PLANNING; The international market place Case Study

MARKETING PLANNING; The international market place - Case Study Example This has been through given customers value for their money and offering cheaper products. Since it was established the company set out goals of becoming strong food and nonfood earlier in the UK market. Since then it has grown to be the largest online retailer in the world with more that 1 millions customer in the word. The company also set goal of diversifying its operations in the external market and a 30% of the stores are found out side the UK. The company also set out a goal of having the more loyal a committed staff in all its operation. In the international market the company has been using same strategies as it has been using in the domestic market although it has not tended to be more personal than in the domestic market. The company has been using direct marketing approach in the internal market same as it has been done in the local market. What have been the features of the international marketing strategy First it has been implementing direct marketing strategy with the aim of reaching the consumers in their homes. This has been enabled through the implementation of on line marketing in all its stores. This strategy has been focused on ensuring that consumers have access to the products of the company from their homes and that the process is simple and easy. Online marketing has been one of the most effective ways that has been used by the company to reach all customers in the international market. Through the strategy, the company can sell its products to all the consumers in the world. This strategy was first tested in the local market and has been extended in the international market. Tesco has been able to rise to become the leading online retailer in the UK. After a success initial start, the company has been able to expand its operation to all its new branches. Therefore the international marketing approach that has been used by the company has been direct marketing with a special focus to providing consumer with quality products in order to meet the basic aim of marketing. The company has been opening shops in different places in order to make sure that it meets the needs of the consumers. The company has also been using personal selling strategy to reach all the potential market. Through the strategy the company has been selling directly to the consumers. Though it has not been carrying out persons to person communication, the company has been engaging in promotion activities that are aimed at reaching all consumers.Q2. A comparison of the international and domestic marketing mix decisions within the organization There has been no much difference between the company domestic market and international market approaches. The same approaches that the company has been carrying out in the domestic market have also been employed in the international market as well. This has been due to the fact that there is similarity in all the market according to its line of operation. In this regard the company has been carrying out marketing approaches which have been aimed at selling the same products to the consumers. The company has been using a marketing approach which has been aimed at reaching its customer in the extern market. The similarity in the approaches used by the company in both market is because it has been using similar trend as has been observed in the market. Based on its

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