Wednesday, July 24, 2019

International business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

International business - Essay Example nalysis will seek to draw a level of definition to each and state the ways and means by which they are both separate yet at the same time intricately related. With relation to international business, this is an activity that takes place on what can be understood as a micro level. In this sense, key players within the private sector engage in exchange of goods and services which directly mirror the same process that occurs on a national and/or domestic level. In this way, one can understand that role that individuals, managers and other shareholders hold within this level of transaction as being the most important; with the roles of politicians only being tangential or secondary as long as no barriers to exchange exist (Buckley 2009, p. 330). With relation to the term international trade, this encompasses the activities that have previously been discussed within the preceding paragraph detailing international business activities. For this reason, the international trade definition is something of a catch all definition which all of the activities of international business and the tangential and related aspects thereof are included. Moreover, when one discusses the term international trade, there is a level of emphasis that must necessarily placed on the role that politicians play with regards to regulating the flow of trade between two or more countries (Rasche 2012, p. 681). Although this same type of regulation is exhibited within international business, the term international trade necessarily implies a more macro view of the system as opposed to one that is purely focused upon a more micro approach. The fact of the matter remains that trade and international business are in effect two sides of the same coin. Regardless of the level of differentiation that can ultimately be discerned, the true differentiation that is most recognizable is the involvement of the key players within the process. Due to the more macro view of international trade, the level

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