Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Portryal of Women

This also includes any female emotions they might encounter such as hurting, melancholy and frustration leading them to surrender. In Exile of the Sons of Gillis, Dermiss destiny was already determined opus she was in the womb. She was raised apart from every whizz else and isolated from the world. After she was born all of her motive was taken in the hands of society. She was fully under the control of Connector, as he announced This Woman Ill keep to myself(131). As only beingness seen as an object the types of men she was Introduced to would never eve her, but would take control of her and battle for her ownership.The full year she was taken under Schooners control she never gave one smile, she had no strength to eat or sleep, or even Lift her head from her knees. At this time, Dredger was taken full advantage of the most by being degraded and raped repetitively by Connector and Eagan. Despite the men that Derider has been through, no one captured her opinions as much as Noi ses. This is where Derider had taken it upon herself to have Noises coax Connector allow them to escape together.Since Cinchonas made no exceptions, Derider urged Noises to return home where she would remain unprotected. In order for this physical and mental pain she was experiencing to stop, she was left zilch more but to kill herself. One of her last words spoken was, Break my heart no more today, In a short while Ill be no more, Grief is heavier than the sea, If you were but wise, Connector(136). Due to not having any control In this situation she rebelled against them proving her ultimate power over her body, look and spilt.When Dredger committed seclude, she knew that by taking her own life she would never be dominated by Connector and Eagan, the two men she hated the most. Similar themes argon encountered in The Wifes Lament. The main character is also feeling the same emotions as Derider in the Exile of the Sons of Gillis. In the beginning, this poem it describes the wifes resentment she has towards her husband who left her feeling empty and alone in the world. This can be compared to Derider were both of these women do not know how to react to their different tuitions or able to move on from it.Also, they both are longing for a love that they will never have. Since her life was revolved around the well being of her Lord, once he is gone she feels helpless in this unfamiliar and hostile world. Her misery Is expressed when she recites, There I weep my exile, the many burdens. Therefore I can never solidification my cares at rest, nor still all this lifes longing, which Is my lot(1 14). This quote overlooks all her sorrows being left In the dark and deserted, that she will never overcome her suffering pain of separation.She was left with no control under ten solution Ana let to accept near loneliness. Her last tongue was auto near husband and convert herself that he too was suffering. Whether my friend has all the worlds Joy his bidding or whether, outlawed from his homeland, he sits covered with storm frost beneath a bouldered cliff my weary minded friend, drenched in some dreary hall he suffers great anguish(114). Overall, this poem is mainly focuses on the speakers heartache suffering through her state of hopelessness.Today, women are till experiencing the issues of degrading and being looked at as an object. Each of the women in The Exile of the Sons of Gillis and The Wifes Lament showing the turpitude that degrading had caused. This is where they both took action and tried to escape their feeling of constant misery. They had no control or power in any situations leading them to their feelings of pain, sorrow and frustration. Leading us to have higher hopes for the future that will always be taken into consideration in positions of leadership and appreciated for what they stand for.

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