Friday, May 3, 2019

Teaching Listening Skill In Public High Schools In The Kingdom of Essay

Teaching Listening Skill In Public High Schools In The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Essay ExampleThis essay declares that listening recognition is a process in which listeners take part in the role of discriminating between sounds, sagaciousness grammatical structures and vocabulary, interpreting stress and intonation, and consequently interpreting the utterance within the context. It is non easy to suppress listening skill and for this reason most second wording learners feel frustrated about it. This cover up makes a conclusion that all humans are born with an innate ability to hear, though, hearing is not listening. A number of factors must be considered to help second nomenclature students develop effective listening skill. Models of the listening process which include the bottom up, interactive and top down are basic in teaching listening skills. Children gain the entire list of phonemes for the first language so easily wee in the language acquisition process. This is, how ever, not the case with adults intending to learn a second language it is unremarkably very problematic. When one is past puberty, the brain has already programmed all first language phonemes that it intends to recognize into situated categories. Creating another set for the phonemes of second language is difficult. Second language speakers tend to assimilate the second language phonemes into their established first language system. It is for this reason that speakers find it challenging to distinguish between their native language and the second language.

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