Thursday, May 23, 2019

Concept of Beauty

When you hear or read that word, there is something that emerges from our mind. I find myself very much perplexed when I am asked Kinas among panhandling as abye classmates? . I dont think there is no one that is piata among all the human beings but rather Omni beautiful when it comes to dish aerial . Everyone is beautiful. Everything is beautiful. But how do we phone someone or something beautiful? What makes us think that they are really beautiful? How do people perceive dish?How come we have opposite perception towards beauty? When we internalize this, we go back again to history to answer these confusing yet very interesting questions. Our concept of beauty is influenced by many things. The society is the very first foundation to where we discover, realize, understand, and come to know things. The society plasters in front of our faces these people with bodies that ripples and shines like the gods faces with prominent nose, perfectly uninterrupted teeth, protruding lipsHair that is straight, soft and shiny and presents it to everyone as the concept of what is beautiful. Eventually, everyone that has seen that idea has perceived it in his/ her mind of what beauty exactly is. Everyone with the looks that is similar to the model at last commits the sin vanity while the others who dont eventually look down on their selves. We must be able to obliterate this mindset. We should keep in mind that beauty is not and never will be tangible.We should put to an end the doings of moments that determines which is the most beautiful woman, in short the beauty pageants. Because as what Vie written above, everyone and everything is beautiful. Every day, we see beauty in many forms and shapes. in that respect is beauty in art. We see beauty in the display of human creativity and passion. There is beauty in nature. Imagine seeing the sunset in a slow-MO A bee swaying with the wind The trees that grow long Greene stems and roots through the years.There is palpable bea uty that e see in human beings. No, not only those who are in the magazines and televisions are beautiful. For me, those who appreciate the beauty of others and not only herself is beautiful. Those who dream, who delights in destiny other people, who never oppress others, and never conducts up are beautiful because beauty are the qualities in a person or object that give pleasure to the senses or spirits ND being good in the inside is enough reason for a living being to be called beautiful.

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