Thursday, May 9, 2019

Change Management of an Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Change Management of an Organization - analyze ExampleSo the above mentioned lines argon indicating one more interesting technique to reach organisational goals, that is changing the peoples attitude, their way of working, and behavior towards work so that shaping evict reach its objectives through miscellany which is probably the only way for it to reach its goals as modernization automatically changes the surroundings, behaviors of buyers, the variety of competition and so on.The personal line of credit doesnt get changed itself, nor does it require it self to change with out any need as the advantageousness (growth) or survival is the core objective of any business, but when it comes to change, only external factors make an organisation or business change primarily, afterwards the firm changes it self may be in essential manners.The External change drivers that can be seen commonly in this modern world or from the epoch the changing took place include Mega Environment1, i t further includes Technological Element, in which the modern technology that is used away(p) the firm, perhaps around the world and by the competitors tends to change the organization, the failure to use such technology can result in loss of values, customers, and most importantly long-term profits. The next external change is brought by Economic Element, of course the change in the countrys wealth distribution, its financial debt and the inflation can create upset in an organization or any business, such as the decrease in the price of a certain commodity or product can have some negative impact on the firms profitability, specially if the country in which the organization is operated is a socialist economy in which the government owns a lot than the individuals. The next one is Legal-Political Element, these are somewhat the governmental forces that affect the business or organization from outside, such as passing a new taxation rule, or a new indemnity which implementation ca n also make an organization to change its norms and policies, in such cases the organizations are squeeze to follow such rules, or they can be penalized. The Socio-cultural Elements is another external change driver, here the attitudes, norms, traditions, behaviors and so on that the people of the country in which the organization is operated follow, a good example is that if a food business is being operated and Muslims somehow enter into that area demanding the cautionary meat, the organization would have to change and would have to source making the demanded meat. The last of Mega environments is International Element, these are general norms followed by the organizations being operated around the globe, for instance, the McDonalds in any country has to follow somewhat the same standards that parent company is following, other wise it can be penalized.Now lets discuss an other sort of External Change driver, it is called Task Environment2, it includes Customer and Clients, of course they are the only ones because of whom change is adopted, the customers

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