Thursday, March 28, 2019

Treasure Island and Hard Times Essays -- Character Analysis, Stevenson

Treasure Island and Hard quantify be novels in which, the effects of hu composition influence be walk outn to their limit. These novels explore the terrors of cardinal mavens constantly being bombarded with thoughts and ideas of others. Because of the strong authority placed around them, they are exiled into their take minds. Yet, these characters still demonstrate the willingness to turn in in mind on their own and indicate themselves freely. Stevenson and Dickens depict through their characters that the innate human ability to think and act is a product that can be influenced by alone individuals one may come across. It is normal for humans to express themselves in any way they please, but for the protagonists in Treasure Island and Hard Times it is something that does not come to them naturally. When someone is being influenced, it is difficult for that person to take a stand and disregard any thoughts that are being impel at them. They may find it ch allenging to think for themselves or their ideas may be completely disregarded. Jim Hawkins, the protagonist in Treasure Island is a man who experiences these situations. In the novel Treasure Island, the narrative of the story leads the readers to believe that the protagonist Jim Hawkins is a really knowledge fitting boy. On his own he has, ascertained a map that leads to riches, Stevenson 48 and was able to find the most trustworthy hands in town to tell this important information to. This proves to the reader, that Jim is wise and not foolish. However Long John Silver, The Squire and Dr. Livesey are three characters who, at times seem to believe otherwise. Long John Silver seems to distrust the competence of Jim Hawkins. He is not confident in the ideas that Jim may have to offer, so instea... ...e to tell her father that she has been, tired and that she has been tired for a languish time. Dickens 168 Louisa has developed the strength to tell her father the real emotions sh e has towards him and the way she snarl about his discordant influences on her. She can explain to her father that she is very sick of his teachings, and that she wants the freedom to explore and discover for her own whim. She is finally able to confess to her father that she has been burdened by her fathers social movement and that she does not agree with his ideologies. Jim Hawkins and Louisa Gradgrind have the similar desire to be heard. They are constantly battling the people in their lives who constantly sway them in various directions- not of their own. These characters both go through a cycle of discovering their own thoughts and ideas without the influence of others.

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