Friday, March 15, 2019

Project Management Essay -- Business, Team Development

1.IntroductionIn nowadays society, the using of pouch heed is to a greater extent and much common today. The entrepreneurs are more likely to employ staffs who collapse learnt proposal management. So that learning the skill of realise management is more useful and also important now. Larson and Erik (2011) mention that good see to it passenger vehicle are trained or come from experience, not born. For this reason, in this probe it will discuss the fit between some published theories on project management and own(prenominal) practice as a military issue of my participation in the Fit as a Fiddle project. 2. invent human resource management 2.1Team developmentA project team is a group of people who encountering together to strain the project objective. According to Larson and Erik (2006, p343), thither are two way of synergy, collateral synergy and negative synergy. The essence of positive synergy can be found in the phrase, the whole is greater than the sum of the part s. Conversely, negative synergy occurs when the whole is less than the sum of the parts. For this reason to amaze an effective project team is significant for the project to success.Clear and Khan (2010, p62) mention that there are four stages of team development has defined by B. W. Tuckman, which is forming, storming, norming, and performing.Forming is the first gear stage of the team development process. It requires the team member to know their selves roles and position. but the project manager has to provide direction and structure (Ibid). At this stage, in the first meeting of our team the team leader has given disclose the scope of the Fit as a Fiddle project. Afterwards started an sign plan has given out and at the end of the meeting pitch the task for next meeting. These just show ou... ...en take a project it must consider the risk, and it is an uncertain factor. It only can minimise by using a various tools. For the risk assessment, first produces a attend of pote ntial risks, then using scenario analysis to assess it (Larson and Erik, 2006, p211). Using the regularity at the fit as a fiddle project, our team have list 5 risks, and discussed the likelihood, Potential Impact and solutions.7.ConclusionOn the fanny of the above discussion, there are a number of project management theories used in the fit as a fiddle project, and compared to my personal experience most of the theories are fit. However this is a virtual work only focus on the design part, and some of the result may not accurate. Although this may be true, through the work, I have compound the understanding of project management and gain the technique and experience of project management.

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