Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Unrelated Incidents’ by Tom Leonard and Search for my Tongue by Sujata Bhatt :: English Literature

What does the personal manner a person speaks tell us to the highest degree the person?unrelated Incidents by Tom Leonard and reckon for my Tongue bySujata Bhatt argon deuce poetrys that give people an incite into how aperson is perceived by others, by the way that they speak. UnrelatedIncidents is ab surface how the BBC newsreaders all talking in StandardEnglish and will not have a Scots person reading the news becausethe viewers will not pull in there accent, Tom Leonard views thisas discrimination and shows his dislike to this attitude in his poem.Search for my Tongue is ab go forth Sujata Bhatts personal experienceswith learning some other language and having to speak in a foreign glossaand forgetting about the fuss tongue which is the original language.When Sujata thinks that she has finally lost her mother tongue shestarts to hear it once again in her dreams.The layout of the poem Unrelated Incidents is set out in an unusualway because of the poem talking about the BB C newsreaders. When thenewsreaders reads out the news they read it off of autocue and this ishow the poem is set out. When foremost looking at Unrelated Incidentsit is difficult to read because of the spellings of the words. Thepoem is write phonetically and not in Standard English. Tom Leonardsays in canal 27-30 this is me token yir right way a spellin. Leonardalso uses colloquial which is fritter away he uses it in the last line withbelt up he does this to mock the way the news is read because of thepoem being create verbally as if it were the six clock news.This is different to Search for my Tongue because Sujata Bhatt for15 lines writes in English but then from line 16-29 writes in Gujaratiwhich is her mother language, beneath this it also tells the readerhow to read this language (which is spelt phonetically). The lines write in Gujarati is actually the first part of the poem writtenagain and when you read it the first part sounds harsh and not very fine to read but when y ou read it for a second time in Gujarati itflows and is nice to read.In Unrelated Incidents and Search for my Tongue they either arecross or upset with themselves or with others around them. In the poemUnrelated Incidents the Scottish man is angry for being rejected bythe BBC just because of the way that he talks and because of hisaccent and in Search for my Tongue she is upset with herself for not

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