Tuesday, February 19, 2019

System Forensics

System forensics is the process of systematically examining reckoner media as well as network components, software, and memory for evidence. System forensics involves collecting, preserving, analyzing, and documenting evidence to reconstruct user actively. befittingly collected evidence Is often presented In court to solve vile cases and prosecute criminals. 2. How has technology improved the way criminal investigators perform their vocation?Technology improved the way criminal investigators perform their jobs by do it easier to track things, there is different types of software out there forthwith to help them with these issues, and make the Jobs easier, when you have different technology to help. 3. wherefore would a company report or not report a agree case? The reason a company whitethorn or may not report a compromise because If Its not in their opt and they may report It If Its In their favor and vice versa. They wouldnt want to publication Incompetent. 4. Who Is In smasher of labeling and securing sensitive Information?The one In charge of labeling and securing sensitive information is the forensic specialist. 5. What is the Daubers standard? The Daubers Standard provides a find of evidence regarding the admissibility of expert witnesses testimony during united States federal legal proceedings. 6. Why would someone use a captivate editor in a forensic investigation? The reason someone would use a becharm editor in a forensic Investigation is if the suspect has deleted files and has overwritten them on his or her hard discus, you hatful always use a hex editor to view any data stored In (or deleted from) both files and disk sectors.A hex editor allows you to peek at the physical contents stored on a disk, regardless of he boundaries of files, directories, or partitions. 7. What is the largest known data outrage incident to time? The largest known data loss incident to date Adobe systems, Inc 10-3-2013, 8. What group runs tallboys? Open Security Foundation runs tallboys. 9. On the website Tallboys. Org, of the largest 20 incidents, how many of them were computer hacks as opposed to other Issues like stolen laptops and helpless drives? 1% of the Incidents were computer hacks as opposed to the other Issues. 10. What built-Len Windows tool Is utilize to manage the Encrypted File System (FEES)? The certificates is was is used to manage the FEES.. . What is the presumption of white? All heap accused off crime are de jure presumed to be innocent until they are convicted, either in a rivulet or as a result of pleading offensey. This presumption performer not only that the prosecutor must convince the Jury of the suspects guilt, tho also that the defendant need not say or do anything in his own defense.If the prosecutor cant convince the Jury that the defendant is guilty, the defendant goes free. 2. The presumption of innocence, coupled with the fact that the prosecutor must prove the defendants guilt beyond a re asonable doubt, makes it difficult for the overspent to put innocent people behind bars. 3. What is hearsay and provide an pattern when Computer evidence can be considered hearsay? Hearsay refers to statements made outside of court of law an example of Computer evidence that is considered hearsay is 4.What is system impartiality? System integrity is the state of a system where it is performing its intended functions without being luxuriant or impaired by changes or disruptions in its internal or external environments 5. What skills are demand by an expert witness? The skills required by an expert witness are A background in law, law enforcement, or investigation. A membership in professional associations of computer forensic examiners, formal training, and certification. A thorough knowledge of the subject matter and tools.Investigators must understand the kind of potential evidence they sought and analyse and understand the tools they used to gather and preserve evidence. They should be accurate, truthful and impartial. 6. fix and read the opinion Daubers v. Merrill DOD Pharmaceuticals. What was the case about(predicate)? The Daubers v. Merrill DOD Pharmaceuticals was about two children ho had been born with birth defects and their parents sue Merrill DOD Pharmaceuticals Inc, claiming that the dose Benedictine caused the birth defects. 7. What was the outcome of the case?The district court given summary Judgment for Merrill DOD, and Daubers and Schuler appealed to the Ninth Circuit. 8. What previous Supreme Court legal opinion was superseded by the national Rules of Evidence as the standard for admitting expert scientific testimony? The previous Supreme Court ruling was superseded by the Federal Rules of Evidence as the standard for admitting expert scientific testimony was the Fryers oecumenical acceptance Daubers puts the responsibility of the admissibility of evidence by placing the Judge in the grapheme of gatekeeper.

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