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Admiral Jarroc as a Traitor :: Star Trek Essays Papers

admiral Jarroc as a TraitorIn the Star Trek episode of The Defector, admiral Jarroc betrayed the Romulans by giving kayoed his own empire states culture concerning a melodic theme being built in the neutral zone. For the sake of Admiral Jarrocs circumstance, he did not know whether he was being tested for his loyalty. check to R. H. Webster College Dictionary, a traitor is someone who commits treason by betraying his or her country. A loyal person will not reveal vital information to gain his or her personal advantages as Jarroc did to protect his family. Jarroc displayed his dishonesty low gear when he gave a false name and then destroyed his watercraft before the Federation could examine it. This incident causes Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew members to take a shit doubts regarding Jarrocs honesty. Then Admiral Jarroc told the Federation about an flagitious base being built. The Romulans are building a force base too tight fitting to the Federation and this will c ause a war to break out instantly. Jarroc also has no real evidence about the plans of a base being constructed in that area. On the other hand, he told Picard that he axiom reports and work orders for the military base being planned out by the chief of the Romulans. Not only did Jarroc commit treason, his emotions played an important office staff in his stopping points. To the Romulans officials, Jarroc is a traitor because he revealed secret information pertaining the illegal base to the their enemy. The reason why Jarroc betrayed his country is to save his lady friend. For the safety of his daughter and the other Romulans, Jarroc released the information to the Federation hoping they can stop the construction of the military base that can cause war. Any loyal soldiers would have hand anything for their empire. Jarroc let his emotions interfere with loyalty according to Joe Chung, The Romulans are a incline which the same ancestors as the Vulcans. The main difference between these two races is that the Vulcans are 100% logical and the Romulans act on their feelings. As you can serve Romulans react to their emotion too and Jarroc is not any different from the break of them. This explains why Jarrocs action committed this treason. Emotions can influence a persons decision and Jarroc happens to fallen within the characteristic of a traitor. According to my beliefs, Jarroc is a traitor because he betrayed his country or empire within the boundaries of danger.

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