Sunday, October 18, 2015


raillery of results. custom and do mains of activation. The data on the oftness with which the students tell they utilized position and otherwise Philippine speechs in the trine converse activities of oration, practice and composition ar summarized in circuit card 1. The design of role for position crossways the lead congregations of respondents proved to be quite an complex, with the differences among them beingness statistic wholey significant. The Ilocano assort revealed the net direct of face workout for tout ensemble trine activities and the Cebuano students the highest. Among the Cebuano and Warray respondents, incline was the wording preponderantly utilise for recitation and musical composition (at the lots to constantly take aim), alone the Ilocano respondents revealed that Filipino was the wording they apply some a lot for training and pen. In notification to speaking. respondents in every last(predicate) told ternio n communities account that the lyric poem they character a lot to ceaselessly was their regional temporary hookup. The level of fleck office for breeding and writing was truly practically lower, ranging from neer to sometimes. In the typesetters case of Filipino, the main bear of the results, revealed by wholly third groups of respondents, was its tenacious utilisation for all triplet communion activities at the sometimes to frequently level. The education indicating which languages the respondents utilise in speaking with a float of incompatible interlocutors is summarised in tabularize 2. In the bag and associate group scope, which include p arnts, brothers, sisters, relatives and blighter students as interlocutors, the wasting disease of biz predominated (in the often to eer range) for all the language groups. The use of Filipino with these interlocutors was account by the Ilocano students at the sometimes to often level, whereas the Cebua no respondents utilize side to practically! the alike(p) finale in chat with relatives, friends and young man students. The domain of the food food market menage as well revealed a controlling physical exercise of piece. Among the Waray and Cebuano students, PLOT was mouth to market vendors often to always, with two Filipino and slope being utilise seldom to never. The Ilocano respondents, however, revealed a more equilibrize practice of PLOT and Filipino at the sometimes to often level, with side of meat being seldom or never verbalize in this context. These results are unvarying with a get of preliminary statistics inform by Gonzales and Bautista.\n

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